Ferguson: A deep dive on Tyrell Richards' versatility

There are plenty of ways for CFL prospects to endear themselves to those in control on draft day.

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It would be a shock if Jones doesn't draft him. Especially in light of the fact Jones apparently had dinner with him well before the combine. This only serves to cement the pick, wouldn't it?

Yep – pantsonfire – I’m inclined to agree with you on this. But just for fun – let’s say Jones decides to trade down to pick-up extra draft capital (just for conversation let’s say Toronto at #6). What are the chances that Tyrell Richards is still there at #6? Is it worth the risk? What say you? Cheers!

Ottawa has Avery Williams @ LB & Levels @ SAM so they could use him or Lakuta, currently ranked #1 & a LB. BC already has Williams & Lokombo so might go a different direction. The Als have Ackie, who's 30 & not much else IMO. Calgary has Judge & Thurman. So I'd say BC & Stamps would pass. TO would have to agree to pass on him for the Elks to make the trade. But Ottawa & Mtl could really use him. IMO Jones has to take him @ #1 because I'd think he go before #6 for sure, probably @ #2 to Ottawa. The fact that he had dinner with him even before the combine tells you something. I wonder if a reason Richards showed what he could do on DL & pass protection on receivers over 5 hours at the combine was something discussed between the 2 going into the combine. Crazy thought, but what if he was testing for Jones. Anyway, JB, like you I am quite interested in how this turns out.

Depth could also play into it. Ottawa could use him at WLB.

BC, could use him to back up Lokombo at WLB, they Hladik backing up Williams in the middle

Stamps have Lalama backing up Judge at WLB

Ackie, has Plesius backing him up, but he's 33.

Saskatchewan could use him to backup Teitz at WLB, but Ryder Varga may be sitting their in the second round for them to take.

The Elks make the most sense, with Konar and McDonald as depth.

Good comments. It really comes down to a couple of teams who need him - Ottawa & Mtl, where Muamba left a big hole. The others have bigger needs elsewhere though it would be hard to ignore his talent. I can't see Jones trading down but we'll see.