Ferguson: A challenge for each QB in Week 1

For months we’ve been speculating about what could be with all nine CFL teams. As training camps progressed, the picture became increasingly clear and now like an 8K camera following a QB through the sideline after a touchdown drive, everything is coming into focus.

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Ferguson's always worth a read & a listen on Sportscage when available. With Fajardo, not to pick on the Riders but here goes, I think it will be difficult to get him to run less. Maas & Dickensen both have stated they wanted this. I think opponents will expect a lot of dump passes. Vaughn is out this week. No surprise. You need more than one good arm playing OL. That means 5 brand new faces who haven't played a down in a CFL game together. That's the ELEPHANT - driving the bus - full of elephants - in the room. Don't know much about the BC front 4 but with Hamilton on deck, Argos & Winnipeg twice in the 1st 6 games, this OL is going to have to figure it out quick. Worse, 5 of those 6 are home games so you need to win. This is BC 2019 all over again IMO. I expect that OL to be pressured all season. Flush him out of the pocket, dare him to run - exactly what Maas doesn't want.

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