Ferguson: 4 reasons why the Riders, Als are undefeated

When a professional football team gets off to a 1-0 start, everything feels great.

The momentum from training camp is validated and everyone starts to believe. When a CFL team exits their first month of play yet to be defeated, things get very real, very quickly as teams and everyone around them begin to believe that a Grey Cup championship could be in their cards.

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Rushing and QB Turnovers 2024 (avg):

Mtl defense has remained amazing due to the god that is Noel Thorpe but this year on offense it looks like they are finally getting in tuned to how a mass run offense works( Tbf been the case for the second half of last season till now ).

Riders their offense when healthy is always great even if they never seem to invest on oline but Corey mace has been an absolute steal of an addition with how he has made that defense :lock: in.

It should have been Grey Cup Champion Jason Maas in Saskatchewan as the Roughriders Head Coach with a proper gm to supply the roster hand in hand. Jason Maas team vision would have been realized with the Riders and that fanbase wouldn’t have to wait until who knows when with that football franchise to celebrate a coveted Grey Cup Championship.

Noel Thorpe is known for aggressive defence Surprised other DCs dont follow that pattern. (Hear that, Mark Washington?)

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Anyone can be aggressive but if you lack the sheer power required to overwhelm you can too easily be burned. Look at Wpg’s depleted & ageing D - they can sent 7 or 8 men in and most of them are lost in the pile or defeated by sturdy blocking. You still have to have the performers to pull these risky stunts off so they’re really not that risky in the end.

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I’m now almost ready to form a belief that the green Riders are the only team able to knock BC off for the western Grey Cup berth. I know, don’t write off O’Shea’s Bombers but they’ve shown little to convince me of their worth. Especially with the departures, poor recruiting and slog of injuries.

BC’s berth in the big game depends almost solely on Vernon Adam’s health. So far, so good. But ask Zach Collaros, Trev Harris, Dru Brown, Masoli, etc. about good health.
Mace seems to have installed a far better overall mindset into an average CFL squad. If Trevor Harris returns healthy by the half-way mark, they will mount the best challenge to Mr. Adams and his Lions. The other 3 western teams should fight it out for turd place in west and maybe a sneaky crossover.

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On The Waggle podcast, after the 2023 Grey Cup, Muamba and Bennett noted that Winnipeg was sending pressure against Montreal right until the end of the game, but that it was clear that they weren’t using to having to do it (normally they could get pressure rushing just four, but Montreal was using the quick screen game to get the ball out of Cody’s hands quickly). Muamba notices that WPG defenders weren’t always properly aligned at the snap, or were getting in each other’s gaps, forcing teammates to take a slightly longer path to the QB, etc.

If you rarely practice blitz, it’s going to make a difference in your ability to execute. It’s not just about sending extra guys. You have to time things up well and have players who excel in that style.

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Superb description.

Mine was theory - backed by your specifics.

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The Riders are undefeated against 2 teams that haven’t beaten anybody yet, and another with a very unexperienced quarterback. That is a very big part of why they haven’t lost yet, they haven’t played a good team to date. If they manage to beat the Lions this weekend it will be time to talk about how good they are playing. Until they prove themselves against a good team they haven’t proven anything.

You could pretty much say the same thing about the Lions. They have beaten Hamilton, Edmonton and Winnipeg (one win between them) and mid level Calgary. They lost to Toronto, a .500 team that many would still consider to be in the top 3 along with BC and Montreal.

It’s still way too early to conclude much for any team in my opinion. It would have been nice if Harris was healthy as that would have been a much better test. I’m doubtful that Saskatchewan’s superior defence will hold up all game against BC’s superior offense if their own offense can’t get it done.


I think at this point you have to give the Riders credit for their hot start. We can talk about who they’ve beaten – and I do have a bit of skepticism on that front – but the facts are: they’re 4-0, they’ve won some gritty, close games, and they won last week without Trevor Harris.

Having said that, they are going to face a formidable test in BC’s offence.

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Lyle_ B_ Style

Here’s a cold hard fact for ya. The Edmonton Elks on field product are a way better team than the saskatchewan roughriders. Don’t be so gullible to what those riders are selling, it the same result every year, just another year of losing in the end.

What have you been smokin? Edmonton isn’t as bad as their record, just like Riders aren’t as good as theirs. But to say an 0-4 team has a better on field product than a 4-0 team doesn’t make any sense.

If the Riders are as bad as you say, how do you explain their win against the Argos in Patterson’s first start? The same Argos who just doubled up on the team everyone is saying is the best team in the league - the Als? Sure Cody went down in the first half, so they’re playing their back up just like Riders and Argos.

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