Fergie From Black Eyed Peas & Ticats Cheerleaders.

looks like she likes our kitties and she put one of the dances by the team on her website, not to shabby


Interesting how our "cheerleaders" are better known for urban dancing rather than cheering.

i disagree, i was very offended by last years grey cup half time show.

Cant seem to get it to download

I was offended by the horrible performance by the Peas, it seems that they can make some half decent noise in a studio but can’t perform live.

I was out getting pizza during the Grey Cup halftime.
Sounds like I made the right choice.

I wasn't out of my seat and now I've gone and seen myself on a blackeyedpeas website, how could life get any better.......maybe being tazered.

Seems like ignorance is universal.

That's really cool! Great work ladies. I wonder if any other teams have had this opportunity! If not kudos to the cats for getting this!

A few points

  1. Can't open quick time file, so cant see video.
  2. The ticat dancers are probably the best they have ever been. (dance wise) I have noticed a HUGE improvement the past 2 years. To the ladies..Keep up the good work, and you have earned the recognition :slight_smile:
  3. The sound for last years Grey Cup was dreadful. I seen the Peas concert last summer and they are great. No idea why that sounded sooo bad.
  4. Yes my father and a few of the older generation watching the game were offended by the Peas performance. They just can't smell the phunk anymore.

You'd have a different opinion if you had caught their performance at Ontario Place last month. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. It was nothing like last year's Grey Cup half time show.

I am k=kinda wondering how this was found? lol

Terrible half-time show. This year Grey Cup better have a kickin' Canadian band playing.