Female Announcers

Bills game had a female play by play announcer. While she knew her stuff and she did a fine job, her voice grates. I watched it with a woman who said she couldn't stand it anymore and muted the T.V.

Anyone else have an opinion?

I don't think it's a gender thing. There are many women sports anchors and commentators and I don't have any problems listening to them. Rather I think it's all about the particular voice and how it sounds/is heard by others.

Henry Burris as a commentator is great to hear with all his football knowledge - but his particular voice makes it hard to listen to for the most part. It erodes what he has to say. It could even be the amplification/mic for all we know.

I agree Kevin. I forget her name, believe the first one was Holly. She was very professional and did a quality job but she has a raspy voice. Found it mildly annoying. Fortunately I was bouncing around from3 different games.

Her name was Beth Mowins. First time I've watched an NFL game with a female play by play announcer. She wasn't that good.

Yes the tone of her voice was a bit weird to get used to but she also didn't have the type of voice that rose to the occasion when there was a big play. You know how good play by play announcers voice captures the excitement of a score. Her voice did not do that.

Plus at least three times I noticed - she misidentified players. Twice calling the Bills QB Tyrod Taylor by the wrong name (called him Chandler once and McCoy another time).

Ray Scott was the best pro football announcer EVER . . . .

after Scott

Keith Jackson, ABC
Al Michaels
Don Chevrier
Don Wittman
Curt Gowdy
Dude who looks like Liberace, Minnesota Vikings

But Ray Scott was the best. By far!

a couple decent up 'n comers on NFL TV and NFL Radio

Here's a snippet from Super Bowl #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UeheksW6uM

Also, re: female hockey - wouldn't mind if TSN let Tessa Bonhomme and one of the other retired hockey women do some Canada vs. USA games. Just not Hayley Wickenheiser - she doesn't have enough emotion to call sports~!

She has done many Raiders games on the Raider network with Matt Millan.

When I first heard her , I was not sure if this was a woman or a little man with a nasal problem.

Like Dan Randorff.

She does well, I have no problem with it, but it is different.

Isn't it Dave Randorf?

I used to call him Dave Randork - but then again I've got a crazy name for almost every mope out there!

In broadcast terms - most would say Dave is "not very strong on the stick".

...i never noticed

I didn't watch to make a judgement, just went onto YouTube to hear some football commentary. Yes, her voice is somewhat raspy but it's ok and she sounds like she knows her stuff, of course everyone makes mistakes here and there, even the best.

But with all the NFL fans who are women, it would make sense to at least try some out for play by play.

Was she as good as Rod Black? :wink:

Lyle, did you mean you have just a crazy name or did you mean a real crazy name? :-*

No, he is the unknown love child between Dan Dierdorf and Dave Randorf.

Doris Burke is considered one of the best analysts in the NBA.

That's for sure. Doris Burke is top of the class - but they still won't give her a play by play gig!

I've heard TSN is toying with the idea of giving Tess Bonhomme or Jennifer Botterill the chance to call a world women's hockey game - instead of the droning Rod Black. That would be a good move - not even heroic - but TSN is still not sure of itself and possible repurcussions it would cause within its boys club mentality.

Sportsnet has some horrid hockey announcers - they could use someone like Cassie Campbell calling games here and there. Some of their own people (due mostly to broadcasting so many games) are putrid.

Sorry, blunder on my part.

Apology to Dave