Fells or Wickman?

Seems like we've got ourselves a storyline for Toronto. So, lets hear your thoughts. Who should start? They can't both start. And we're not switching to a 3-4 with our deadly front 4, especially not mid-season. Neither can play outside linebacker. So all of those answers are out. What do you guys think?

Personally, I liked Fells. He had a bigger pre-season than Wickman, and many think he earned the job right there. He had a solid game against Montreal with 2 fumble recoveries, one for a TD, and a forced fumble. Not sure how many tackles he picked up. He seems a little speedier, and is a more rounded backer than Wick. Face it, Wickman isn't the greatest in coverage or pass rush. Definately a run-oriented backer. But Wickman is adept at leading the front 7 and reading plays and formations. Fells is still a little weak in that department. That's something that could get better over time though, but I don't know if he'll get to Wickman's level. Wickman is also a better run-stopper IMO.

Overall: Fells. Its his job to lose now. He earned a spot on the field. Give it to him, and see how he handles it. If he stinks it up for a couple of games, try Wickman again.

How can you possibly bring the preseason games into this arguement. Wickman didn't play in the preseason. So for all anyone knows, Wick could have been a lot better than Fells. But that's neither here nor there.

The bottom line is that the defense played better with Wick calling the shots. And if he is ready to go, he will play against the Argos. As impressive as Fells has been, he hasn't done enough to take Wick's job permanently.

Definately Fells. The guy, has played unreal the past 2 games. I like him, better then Wickman.. without a doubt!

fells only played in the last game.... wickman played the one before that.

Ok, don't bring the preseason into this. Fells has still performed admirably, good enough to warrant another start, no? I still think it should be his job to lose, whether it be to poor play or injury.

Tough call, Daily states he can't dress both...my gut feeling he'll be going with one of his leaders Wickman....

Fells has looked pretty darn good when he has played this year but Wickman is solid and right up there in the league lead for tackles, so I would like to see Wickman in, he will probably pick up his play even more knowing how well Fells has played. Nothing like a little good old competition to keep you motivated.