Fellas: real or fake?

So what kind of tree should I buy this year...

A real evergreen tree, or a soul-less plastic one?

that'S a tough one, when I was a kid I loved the real one. But there isn't much clean-up with a fake one. If you don't mind the clean-up go with the real one.

I'd go with a real one, it;s because of the wife that we have a fake one and no matter what they do to make the fake ones look real they just don't, maybe it's how you explaned it "soul-less"

I always say
In the spirit of Christmas, Lets go out and kill a tree!!!!!!!

.......a perfectly good thread about breasts ruined by all this tree talk.....

I must admit, Trees were not what came to mind when I saw the title

I agree.... I was expecting a cheerleader!

"Real" is always the way to go.....and I'm pretty confident that comment applies to both veins of this thread.....

....I was thinking along the lines.....Was that odd looking fifty that I got in my change the other day the real mcCoy or was it......sure shows how I was misled by the thread .....CHEERLEADERS WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD ... 8) trees not so much...

Real ... in all (now three) veins of this thread

Oooohhh yyeeeaa!!! The natural flexibility....natural feel...natural firmness.....yep!!!!

Real tree is always the way to go :wink:

lol...too funny geo.... :lol:

cut down a living tree, drag it into the house, adorn it with shiny sparkly objects, stand back and worship it.

Can anyone say "pagan ritual"

I saw a funny comic where people bought a fake tree to save the envioment but then it had a picture of the plastic plant putting thick black smoke inot the air. I thought it was pretty funny.

I say get a real tree. My family had to get a fake tree, but we got pine air fresheners and hung them on it. It's not quite the same but my dad is allergic. Oh well its still the hollidays.

Merry Christmas!

I'd go with a Real one, nothing like the smell of cut wood on your house on X-mas! :wink:

why don't you get an aluminum pole (let's see how many people get this reference).

Yea whats your point, it's family tradition to drag that darn tree in the house..
The good time's had by the whole family going out to kill a tree, is worth it..
Except for Aunt Buck, she should take this year off...
Cutting into a huge Jack Pine and dropping it on poor old lucky, just to take the top of it.
Isn't worth it..

Pagan rituals are the best ones.....

We always got real trees, and besides, they have christmas tree farms where the sole reason they grow the trees is to have them cut down for this time of year.

I as well was assuming/hoping that this thread was in reference to something other than trees..... da well, can't have everything right?

As for the mess created by the real tree, it's not christmas unless you attempt to clog up the central vac with sappy needles...... which is why I wasn't allowed to touch the vacuum when the tree was around. :slight_smile:

I heard something on the radio yesterday.
Did you know that Christmas trees are cut down in September and October and then frozen till Christmas? :shock:

I really don't see why in this age of recycling we have to grow a tree for 10 years or more only to cut it down and use it for a couple or 3 weeks. It just doesn't make sense to me even if they are grown just for that purpose.

Are you a vagin. because we do the same thing with cows.