Fell a little short

Hey boys in T.O you played a tight game and truly gave me a scare in the 4th with the big play that lead to a td. but my team pulls through with their backup and keeps stegalls GC hopes alive. Thanks for one **** of a football game, and a chance to win the GC.

Great season for you guys.

Truly sorry to see Kevin Glenn knocked out for the season. The better team won.

After the game we made this joke up:

Q. What's the difference between the Leafs and the Argos?

A. The Argos wait to the playoffs to lose.

Kevin Eiben broke Kevin Glenn's arm while trying to recover a fumble. That incident reminded me of what happened years ago to the Jet's Dale Hawerchuk during a playoff run. His collarbone was broken by Jamie McCowan, who days later lost his spleen in a mysterious car accident. Life is a gift. You never know how many days you have left so you should cherish them all. Maybe some Bomber fans will see you in Toronto next week, Kevin Eiben. I hope you enjoy the game.

thats a great joke.
and life is precious, and i will enjoy it even more ina week when my team are the 95th GC champs

The Argos had a great year. Hard to believe they made it this far with the start they had.

I see this team being a contender for years to come.

They will not be contenders for years to come unless they can get a solid quarterback. Bishop is terrible! I don't care what is record was, he is a terrible quarterback. The Argos have a great defence, but a horrible offence.

I think a lot of Argo fans and the Toronto media were fooled by their winning streak that ocurred at the end of the season. It gave them a false sense that the Argos were actually a good team. They were not.

Think about it, in that winning streak stretch of games at the end of the season they played Hamilton twice (need I say more), Edmonton twice (playing their backup QB), Montreal twice (Calvillo on the downturn in one game and a backup QB in the other) and Winnipeg twice (injuries have hurt them and Glenn is not playing like he did in the first half of the season). The only difficult game was against B.C. and they lost 40-7. Do you see what I'm saying?

The only good game they played in that stretch was the last game of the season against Saskatchewan. However, the Riders were playing many backups so the win is a little tainted.

Look at the game stats if you don't believe me. They were outplayed in almost every game this season including some games against Hamilton.

To me it was obvious that the Argos were not a very good football team this year. They were highly overrated.

Their luck finally ran out. You are not going to win big games against good teams with a great defence and no offence.

I think Argo fans and the media need a huge dose of reality. They were not an elite team in the CFL this season.

If Toronto had played teams in that stretch that were healthy and playing well and still won I would be singing a completely different tune. But, unfortunately that was not the case. Think about it, half way through the season they were fighting Hamilton for last place.

The only good game Bishop ever played was when he was throwing into a strong wind in Sask. Bishop is a spear chucker, not a QB. He should try out for the Javelin throw at the Olympics next year.

You do know this is a former NFL Quarterback, right?

The scouts in the NFL are not a joke, they can spot talent. That's why he got a shot.

Bishop still needs to develop, and without a doubt, he has IMPROVED Greatly, since he first came into this league.