New outfits for 2010 looked great and a huge improvement over 2009! But what was with the performances? They were split into 2 groups instead of 4 (at BC Place) so only half the crowd got a good view at any one time. And furthermore, for much of the time 1 group in one of the corners were dancing while the other group in the far corner were kneeling down or seated doing nothing! Couldn't figure that one out for the life of me???

Considering how low the front row is, having them sit down wouldn't be too bad, then people can see the game.
Having the Felions up close is good but seeing the game is also nice.

I know my memory is bad most of the time, but at BC Place, they were only split into two groups as well.

Besides, they are limited for room on the BC Lion sideline.

At BC Place they are usually in 4 groups.