FeLions were disappointing; what terrible outfits!

Here are the FeLions in the Western Final in front of 50,000 people with the noise and the energy....

and they wear the black outfit? All covered up?

No cleavage. The uniform covered them up completetly. It's not like it was outside and rainy and cold.

Were they trying to make a fashion statement?

It's warm in the dome so why were they wearing that black outfit? It looked terrible.

I'm running my tape of the Montreal game and those girls on the sidelines (and I think there were Argo girls there too) were practically in bikinis.

FeLions, I'm disappointed. Very. A total letdown. The energy of 50,000 fans in the dome and you wear that?

If that's what really matters to you about Lions football, I think you're in for a letdown on Sunday. :roll:

Who cares honestly, they won the game and thats what matters. theyre not there for you to harass themabout their outfits.

What a waste of a ticket. They dressed very classy and I didn't see you in your g-string? Way to go Felions. You rock.

I thought they looked better than they have all year. It’s much nicer to leave something to the imagination rather than letting it all hang out.

Let me be clear here. Yes, the FeLions are fantastic ladies and do a tremendous amount for the community. I don't question that.

But considering the Montreal gals were showing themselves practically in bikinis for the cameras Sunday, yes I thought it was a poor choice of uniform for the FeLions Sunday.

It was way to conservative an outfit for a game that big and a crowd that big.

:roll: What?!?!?! :roll:

Is this a contest to see whose cheerleaders can wear the sleaziest outfits? Seesh - you’ve got some interesting posts, bud.

I thought the FeLions looked great. Very classy.

120db is probably a 20 year-old with an over-active libido. Once he matures a bit, he'll realize that more is better.

No I don't have an overactive libido but some of you ought to attend a Seahawks game and you'll see a real football environment.

I suppose some of you would have been happy seeing them perform in fur coats on Sunday

another thing; in last years Grey Cup; wow what a show those Montreal gals put on! Those ladies can dance! Same with the Esks gals!

Does anyone remember a few seasons back when the Lions had an actual cheer team and a dance team?

120db..."a real football environment"? The WF blew the doors off any game I've been to. And yes, I've been to Seahawk's games - in the Kingdome and we were so high up that the players looked like ants. No comparison...Sunday's game (for us Lion's fans) was an awesome experience.

and I question why some are here? If the NFL's better and the Felions stink then the solution is fairly obvious...don't come to the CFL games, forum or click on the BC Lions. No one forces you to be here...so sit back and enjoy the ride if you are. It's been a good one this year and we need to have a little more positive energy here. 120 you're a downer and you're raining on our parade. Doesn't the NFL have a forum that you can worship them on?

I agree deb, 120db would be better off in NFL land where he can see the cheerleaders in tight little outfits and what ever else they do. (hmmm mabye its all flashy and show biz like in the NFL to keep their fans interested and awake) And we will stick to the excitement of the CFL.

Trust me, we on Lionbackers have been trying to get him to buy a one way ticket to Seattle if he loves it so much. He does the same shtick on LB.com as well! :?

They are nice too see but if thats why u watch the Lions you should get out of Canada..any ways their bums looked nice [ :stuck_out_tongue: