Feeling Green in Toronto

Thanks to the Green fans that we met over the weekend in Toronto. You all made our time so much fun and kept our hotel lively.

The whole Grey Cup weekend was fabulous. Attending many of the concerts and events, making chat with fans from every team, yeah, even Argo fans, everyone was in a celebratory mood. Fans from every city all having a blast. Gotta love the BC Booze Bros too!

Because of the huge green wave and attaching ourselves to your bandwgaon, us Tiger Cat fans had a chance to be part of a feel good celebration. It was a rough year for us but it ended on a great ride.

Thanks again Green!

Cheers! And best of luck to the Tiger Cats next year, probably my second favourite team to cheer for in this league!

Nice Post! :thup:

Yea, the thing about the Grey Cup is that it’s almost a week of a “Canadian Mardi Gras”…followed by a football game! Just look at how many Canadian Flags were flying all the time from the hands of revellers on the street. Everyone giving High Fives to fans of every team! People being polite in the streets…talking and saying Hello to perfect strangers! Cops having a laugh along with you! :thup:

It was a Great time and quite frankly I didn’t see any kind of trouble…and we were there every night from Wed. night on!

Toronto you did well! :wink: :thup:

Yeah I would love nothing better than to see Hamilton turn it around next year..thanks for the great post

Think I should have titled this as "Feeling Green is GOOD in Toronto"
At least Rider Green was good.
The green I saw and felt Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings was a whole different ballgame.
See y'all next year in good ol' Montreal