Feeling Double Blue: Argos come to terms with 2023 season

Andrew Lahodynskyj/CFL.ca

Just days removed from the greatest disappointment of his young CFL career, Chad Kelly still wasn’t ready to look back.

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Give me a break. Those Argos are all wearing Grey Cup rings from last year. So, you ARE champions. We Ticat fans are still waiting for our team to win the Cup in this century. Only good thing for us is the Argos arent soiling the Ticats locker room this week.

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I really don’t care nor can I feel the slightest pain for the Argos - I’m a Tiger Cat fan!

NOW - can anyone tell me when the Vanier Cup is being played and on what TV channel? I think it is great Canadian football and I believe the CFL should be supporting it more.


Kelly “I’ve already worked out twice since (the game),” he said. “I’ve already moved on to the next year.”
What happened to his lame ass excuse of having a concussion after the game being the reason that he ran off the field without having the sportsmanship to congratulate the Alouettes… In my opinion very undeserving of the award… Shame to sully the great George Reeds name…

Sorry for your loss double Blue, I have a song to cheer you up…

I’ll have a Blue, Blue Christmas without you
I’ll be so Blue, Blue just thinking about you

So the Anchors aren’t going to the Cup . Well all I have to say about that is…


Some people are going on as if the Argo loss is a great loss to everyone - it ain’t so. It came as no surprise to me and I am happy that they lost. They had a great season, but as the old saying goes - if you don’t show up on game day to win, then you won’t win. The fact is the Alouettes cleaned their clocks and beat them up in every asspect of the game - the Argos simply did not show up to win. The question to as is why? How can a team that played so well during the season show up and play so flat? Players? coaches? Both?

The Alouettes caused them to turn the ball over at a record rate and intercepted the ball on several occasions - all resulting in points for the Als. Will the same scenario play out this Grey Cup - who knows?

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58th Vanier Cup 2023 Sat. Nov. 25th 1:00pm Eastern Time - Richardson Memorial Stadium at Queens University. Also Queens will host the 2024 edition. Not sure of the TV channel.

Cheers Abbey

Was that his excuse for not shaking hands…Concussion???Brutal. Unsportsmanlike.

First to “Abendscham” - thanks for the info - I will try to find the channel and then post it back on this site. Thanks again.

Secondly to “catznpeg” - I agree with you about Kelly’s poor show of sportsmanship. I too saw him walk right off the field with no handshake or any sign of recognition to the other team for a game well played - Kelly was pure bush league. Seriously, even if he did have his bell rung - he still could have shown more respect for the other team.

I am happy to see the Als and the BOmbers in this game - both teams have earned it!


Yes, not immediately, days later, I’m sure after he read all the bad press… Not only is he a poor sportsman, it appears he’s a liar as well. If his concussion was so bad that he couldn’t stay on the field for two minutes to at least shake Cody Fajardo‘s hand, representing as “leader“ of the Argos then, why did not one teammate, one coach, or any spotter in the booth notice during the game! He had no business playing if he had a concussion. Also, very convenient a couple days later to come up with this as an excuse for his crappy play that day and his even crappier unsportsman like conduct.


I think he was overwhelmed by his poor performance that he may have had a Panic Anxiety attack. It can make you feel sick and stressed. If his head doesn’t hurt and doesn’t recall getting hit, then it’s possible he confused a concussion with a Panic attack. That’s just my street corner analysis.

Anyone concerned how on the Dequoy interception Kelly quick chasing and turned around to the bench?

The Argos can have all the individual awards they want. The only real important award will be played for on Sunday. And the Argos can’t win it.

Anything is possible… But he did specifically say that he was concussed from the first quarter on… Maybe I just don’t like this kid but something about him rubs me the wrong way… He doesn’t seem to be a team first kind of guy and there’s a difference between being a cocky, asshole and confident… I would say he’s the former

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Hi Fox1, the Vanier Cup will air on CBC Television.

Cheers Abbey

Thanks Abbey - much appreciated!

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More a bruised and battered ego is what I saw.