Feeling confident about tonight's Lions/Ti-Cats game

Given the way the Lions handled Calgary last week my confidence is restored in them and I think they will take it to Burris and the boys in Hamilton. I've looked over the roster and I don't see anyone who poses a serious threat to the Lion's D though admittedly the Ti-Cats have the best record in the points for column thus far.

But how is this for an anomaly?

While the Ti-Cats have the best record so far in "the points for" category at 421, they also have the worst record so far in the points against category at 444. Very interesting. Does this mean the best O and worst D are on the same team?

Despite having scored 56 points more during the season than the Lions it is the points scored against side of the ledger that tells the story. They've had 173 more points scored against them than the Lions. That works out on average to 4 field goals more a game or 2 unconverted TDs more a game. Yet they've only got 5 wins. Weird. But most importantly, although Hamilton leads the league in points for, the Lions have won twice as many games as the Ti-Cats.

Oh the fun of messing around with stats. You can manipulate them just about anyway you want to find something good.

Mismatch between BC contender and Hamilton pretender. The worst defense versus the top offense in yards and time of possession. Hamilton cannot win games when the offense isn't hot.