Feeling bad for Martell Mallet. But he did a good job.

That one series, he had a streak going, but Buck kept giving it to him, poor cant do it all for the team, but he did do a great job. And did you see how many punishing hits he took? I got quite scared at sometimes and was amazed he got up. But that was a nice touchdown when he put his shoulder down and ran through the guy. I say for a rookie, Martell Mallet played an amazing season with the lions, and hope to see him next season with the lions also, he will only get better. Good job Martell Mallet, hope you win the reward you got nominated for. Think it was most outstanding rookie.

Yeah Baby - we'll put Harris back there with him for the Eastern semis run kick Cobb into the dust with Champion dancin' and prancin'. We're comming through the back door with bells on !

haha, english please?