Feel good story about Ex Al Bill Massey

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Described by Massey as Myra’s nephew “via a first cousin,? Lance is a six-year-old whose mother died last year, and Lance’s grandmother is so poor that she has had him selling garlic and tomatoes in a public market twice a day so they could purchase rice to eat.

“The father is a fisherman with three or four other kids and can’t support another, and after Christmas they agreed for Myra to take him if she was able,? Massey writes. “I think we bought him his first pair of shoes at Christmas, and for sure he had never been to a city before coming to Manila on Christmas.

“The CFLPA money made it possible for us to rescue Lance, and that, alone, is a wonderful thing.?

Can`t remember what I had for supper this evening but remember Bill Massey. Shifty runner with quick feet before suffering the neck injury. I have a 1971 Als media guide with his photo.

Here is a complete list of ex-players due the pension. A few familiar names on the list. One ex-Al DE Joe Blake is deceased. I guess his estate would be entitled to claim if they are aware of it.