Feel good for Kevin Glen

Great resilience by this man. Poised after throwing an intercepted pick he led Calgary to the victory.
Classy act by Lulay to come to Glen after the game as well.
Two underdogs win.
Gotta love the CFL. :cowboy:

Riders will rule in 2013! :thup: :wink:

I'm really happy for Glenn. After 12 years he finally gets a shot at the Big Show.

way to go Glenn and the Stamps !

:thup: Glenn saved the Stamps season this year, great to see him to get to play in the big game.

Absolutely !!

Congratulations to Kevin Glenn !!

The time is ripe for KG to shed the Rodney Dangerfield persona ... While Kevin has put together a solid, steady, consistent career - this is the best chance he will probably ever have to shed that giant gorilla - of not winning "the big one" - off his back...

Should make for an awesome Grey Cup !!

....He's been there before with the Bombers and should've/could've had a Cup win ...He had to watch from the sidelines as a rookie tossed the game away...I wonder what was more painful for him that day...his broken arm or watching Dinwiddie in his spot...Anyway, congrats. to Glenn...hope he can get the Cup he missed out on...I'm not Glenns biggest fan BUT i hope he and the stamps can pull it off...