What shocks me people think the nfl is the biggest threat to the cfl but its not.......The biggest threat the cfl faces will be from cis schools going to the ncaa and converting over too the usa style of football.......It shocks me the lack of support of the cis by canadians.......If these schools are joining the ncaa that means the rules that the cfl plays under will be in trouble......Think about it if laval joins the ncaa that will hurt the cfl in a bad way......the ncaa is a much better product than the nfl and if canadian schools join the ncaa then the americans have got in free of charge........i watched a cis game on a webstream and it wasnt that bad......the future of this league is in the you and thats the cis.......

This actually makes sense... This is a post that I agree with....

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Canadian University teams playing in the NCAA won't hurt the CFL. Simon Fraser when they were recruiting some of the top Canadian kids and played in the NCAA put a lot of players into the CFL. The fact they were playing US rules wasn't that big a factor.
The only thing that could hurt is if these schools start recruiting American players who would be imports for CFL purposes. That could mean less chances for Canadian kids to develop, but the top Canadian talent would still make it somewhere.

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I too agree with Sandusky. UBC and SFU have no bussiness playing down south. (Yes I know both did it in prior decades) I hope if they go down, the NCAA teams lay a whooping on em that they come crawling back to CIS with their tails between their legs.

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I think there are too many pros and cons to figure this one out. I can see why one would think it could be a problem, but then again, if it caught on with students you woudl probably see universities pushing to get larger stadiums that could provide homes for CFL teams. But then again, if people are spending a couple hundred a year on goign to some college games, thats probably a couple hundred less in revenue for the CFL.

I think this woudl require a lot of market research in order to get an idea fo whether this would be a plus or minus for the CFL.

And why exactly would the 27 or so CIS teams join the NCAA ?




Man the cis is the biggest thing for the cfl if more cis schools join the ncaa they will have to recruit kids from south of the border.....If canadians join the ncaa and lets say one of the canadian teams makea a run for TITLE dont you think that will take away from the cfl.....A canadian team in the bcs finals will draw a big crowd........lets face it........ lets say of university of toronto joined the ncaa......and they hired a big name coach.....because lets get serious they could play in the sky dome......plus they could draw recruits to a big city..........they could recruit canadian and usa talent.......people dont seem to get it......if something like this happens.....alot of teams will joind drarfing canadian rules and the game yall like.....

If Canadian kids are going to play in NCAA they will scouted and recruited by the school that wants them to play south of the border. There is really no need for any CIS schools to join the NCAA... if we want to improve the coaching talent and football talent, it will have to be done at a much more grassroots level. In my province, Saskatchewan, there are a lot of 12 man football teams playing in the high schools. It covers a lot of rural areas, so why would CIS team need to recruit from south of the border when there is plenty of high school talent that already exists? Trust me, not all kids dream of being NHLers.. there are plenty that want to be CFLers too.

Simon Fraser was a NAIA school before joining the CIS. They played American rules from existance until only a few years ago. BC high schools play American rules, Quebec leagues play 4 downs, small centers play 6 and 7 man football across the prairies. It's not a big deal because there are only so many pro football jobs and not everybody can play in the NFL.

Jon Cornish was a projected 4th round NFL pick while he was at Kansas. He slipped through the draft and came up to the Stampeders who held his Canadian rights. I'm sure his goal is to play in the NFL someday but until then he'll earn a paycheque up in the CFL.

That all being said I really do wish that the Canadian indoor league had gotten off the ground because I really thought it would be a great development ground especially for Canadian QBs.