Feedback from Bob.?

Howdy Caretaker,

There has been a lot of new signings both on and off the field over the last few months.  Many new faces and brains added to the TiCat's lair...

I know the fans and diehards following the Cats have had plenty to say. Lots of strong opinions being expressed in the forums and that is a good, healthy thing.

I have just been wondering. There hasn't been a caretaker update since September 03, 2007. Now I realize that you have stated that you wanted to let the football minds do the talking on behalf of all interested parties BUT I really would like to know your impressions on the state of the union.

I am NOT trying to goad you into repeats of previous years thoughts and optimistic forays, but rather just your general feelings about our beloved team...

SOOOOOO.... how have you been Bob? Please share your thoughts.... we know you're out there...


Really, smogmonster; what do you want Bob to say?
If you were him, in view of what has gone down in his previous seasons, would you be anxious to commit to any sort of conversation regarding this team?

He has already put a lot on the line with his deal offering for next year's season tickets if we fail to make the playoffs again.

Sometimes, silence is golden.

I hear you Spike... Yes, Bob has put a lot on the line for the fans. I really am not trying to get any rah-rahs from him. It is just that it has been such a long time since we have heard from him.

It would be foolhardy for anyone in the TiCat hierarchy to comment on success let alone make promises for the upcoming season...

I am a big fan of Mr. Young and I truly appreciate all he has done for this team and its fans. I know how passionate he is about winning. I would just like to hear something from him.

I believe that keeping in touch with the fans, even on a very limited basis, is a good idea. I always look forward to Bob's communications.

Hey guys i thought bob said in the last caretaker message he wasn't going to be on here anymore and let his people take care of it

He said He be around just not as Active.

Isnt there a gurantee to make the playoffs?


We know Bob reads the forum regularly and you can bet hes itching like mad to say something from time to time, I know I would when I read some of the comments on this site.

But when Bob reads the Expansion Threads to all the goofy locations, he probably hurts himself laughing so hard, it takes him weeks for his ribs to heal! :roll:

Cariboo, I wonder if they could use a CFL team.

You just hurt Bob's ribs for another week.

Isnt there a gurantee to make the playoffs?

Rolling Eyes

Actually... no. There is a guarantee that if the Cats don't make the playoffs that you will get a discount on next year's season tickets.

No-one can guarantee anything with regards to our wins and losses this or any other year.

You're grasping at straws smoggy :slight_smile:

It would be kind of nice if Bob would pop in from time to time and just say Hello. Don't need a sales pitch, just a "Hi, how's it goin', hope everything is OK" would good.
I'm sure Bob is pretty busy these days weathering the financial storm that is gaining in intensity south of the border and pushing out in all directions. He is also fairly confident, as we all are, that Obie and Charlie have things under control and have the 'Cats headed in the right direction.
Anyway, if Bob does have a look once in a while to oversee things I just want to say.....
"Hi Bob, how are you doing, hopefully you are in good health and things are going your way."
No reply needed.

Whilst other parts are experiencing kissing. :wink:

Ask and thou shall receive... Thanks Bob! :thup:

Bob opened his mouth -- there goes the season.

It's not Bob's mouth that I'm worried about.

An Argo-Cat fan

He just said where Due For for what I don't know