Feed on ESPN3 in 4:3 again

Why why WHY is it in 4:3 format AGAIN? I don’t understand how every game isn’t in a modern day format. This isn’t 5 years ago. At least 90% of the games this year have been in 16:10 or 16:9 (or whatever it is). Why aren’t ALL games in that format? I don’t get it. Don’t most people today have a wide screen TV?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to have ANY games after suffering for so many years with NONE in the Bay Area, but jeez people, can’t we get a big league picture for every game? Please?

I don't know what your notation means (4:3) ?

I only saw the smaller screen format during the Montreal vs Sask game. There were no hickups, unlike the wide screen which occasionally freezes.

The rest of the games scheduled earlier in the week-end were all wide screen and I had at least 1 - 3 times, during each game, where it would all freeze, having me to start back from www.espn3.com.

I'm viewing the games with a regular flat screen computer monitor.

I think the smaller square format uses less bandwidth and able to get thru. To bad there isn't a way to configure the viewer according to your bandwidth, it does this automatically.

The technology is getting better every year.

4:3 is the aspect ratio of the feed, in this case 4 pixels wide for every 3 up. That's the aspect ratio SD TV uses. HDTV uses 16:9.

That's weird, you would expect 16:9.