Feeble TiCats Get Boat Raced

As predicted, this was a complete mismatch. Nothing says domination like a team steamrolls for 260+yes on the ground. Complete destruction. Really showed just how brutal the East was this year.

Had a good laugh watching not one, but TWO snaps go sailing right past Smilin Hank as he looked in another direction. Anybody think crowd noise didn't affect the TiCats?

But I guess after more than a decade of futility - - and often times embarrassingly bad football - - just winning the EDF was a major accomplishment for Hamilton. Maybe they'll have a parade to celebrate?

Agreed, it was beyond disappointing to watch. You can only throw the ball to Fantuz so many times in a row before they catch on.

It begs the question that if you guys feel Hamilton was so bad, how bad were Calgary and Toronto when Hamilton went a game past them. It would seem to me a good time to put the petty jealousy's away for the off season.

Area_51wrote: Maybe they'll have a parade to celebrate?
Don't worry my friend, our day will come shortly, enjoy it now while you can.

Seriously? Calgary choked, I would be the first to admit it, and what does the Ti-Cats not showing up for the biggest game of the year have to do with Calgary and Toronto? Are you saying Hamilton played well? was this, in your opinion a nail biter of a Grey Cup game? or did it just plain suck. No jealously, just disappointment.

As far as petty jealousy goes, its seems to me that you are the one with the problem.

Oh please explain, what is the problem you seem to think I have. The 2013 CFL season is over, why trash anyone? Life is too short to be so negative, you will learn that once you grow up.

Who did I trash?? I'm entitled to my opinion on the game, and the game sucked! The Cat's didn't show or didn't belong there, either way my opinion and I don't recall asking for yours on mine. You implied jealousy on my behalf and I simply corrected your ignorance.

I'd go easy on Hamilton, like the TSN panel said, the Riders were built to win NOW where as the Ticats despite having a 38 year old QB were built to win in future years, especially with that young defense. But it just so happen that the Toronto (another team built to win NOW) got complacent and choked, congrats to the Tiger-Cats on a great season and for finally breaking their string of mediocrity to get to the Grey Cup, it just wasn't meant to be for this year.

sometimes you must lose before you can learn to win.

example; 2008 alouettes lose the grey cup, then win in 2009 and 2010.
the riders lost the grey cup in 2009 and 2010, then won in 2013.

ticats may have lost in 2013, but i don't think this is the last we'll see of them in the big game.

Couldn’t agree more with a 'shmoe… Hopefully all teams regroup for a stronger league in 2014! … Anyone know when the Ottawa expansion draft is ?
EDIT - December 16/2013 - YAY theres still CFL this year!

Something tells me that if Hamilton played Calgary it would have been the same result. The two best teams this year were Calgary and Saskatchewan with BC in third.

Calgary was probably the 2nd best team, but I think that's a team that Hamilton matches up better against, as both the regular season games were closer.


Oh but don't you know cflesk that Hamilton lost because they didn't show up? Man, getting $8,000 for not showing up to a game must be sweet. I guess Toronto never showed up last week in the Eastern Final and Calgary never showed up in the Western Final. Can't wait to see what happens when two teams don't show up for the same scheduled game. rotflmho

I guess I didn't notice, I could swear that Hamilton was there.

But I guess after more than a decade of futility - - and often times embarrassingly bad football - - just winning the EDF was a major accomplishment for Hamilton. Maybe they'll have a parade to celebrate?… by Area51

It WAS a major accomplishment Area 51. Hamilton did what 6 other teams could not do. They got into the Grey Cup. They also got in by getting past last year's Grey Cup champions and beating who many consider the best QB in the league. A parade sounds like a great idea!

Lady luck was on the Riders side on Durants fumbles.

If Hamilton's D stops the 4th q Sask drive it would have been a lot closer, Congrats to the Riders, over the Cap or not!

I’m sure there were many people not disappointed at all to watch the Riders run over the Ti-cats and totally dominate the line-of-scrimmage both on defense and offense.

Feeble toronto blows it in east final. Ticats show toronto how to play football and Austin out coachs SCOTT MILANOVICH. I mean it must have been so embarrassing for toronto. Rob Ford on crack could have done a better coaching job then Scott. :smiley: Maybe Rob Ford is available to coach your team Area51. :thup:

I've never had a problem calling it like it is - - unlike many who insist on keeping their head buried in sand and waving Pom-poms non stop.

Milanovich has soiled himself in the past for inexplicably abandoning the run game and he did it once again in the EDF. Having a 14pt lead and refusing to run the ball is completely asinine. Especially when your opponent can't stop the run.

Everyone - - except for maybe yourself - - saw what happened when the feeble TiCats went up against an OC that was willing to run the ball - - boat raced.

Area51 you just like to insult people. You gave no credit to the Ticats that beat your team and are just a sore loser. :lol: You have no class.