It's funny how a lot of the posters here, or is that posers, have a better read on the players, and how they can & do perform, than the coaching staff.
Only the trainers & the coaches know how the players fitness level is. Professional athletes are always subject to quite a number of minor and major ailments & injuries and it is up to the professionals to decide who is fit for a game and who is not. Perhaps Jason Maas is still not 100% and maybe he can only play a portion of the game, perhaps good enough to start but maybe he does not have enough strength to complete a game. Only the professionals know this for sure. I would think that Coach Taafe and his staff have the best read on what a player can do and how long he can do it for.
I also believe that Coach Taafe knows the best approach to bringing QB Chang along as the starting QB in any game.
Every fan is entitled to his opinion on how the game should be played and who should be playing what position, however in the critics mind it is a perfect scenario because in the fans opinion THEIR TEAM in THEIR MIND will never LOSE a game BECAUSE that team that they visualize will never actually PLAY a game, mostly because the coaching staff knows better.
I think that the coaching staff is on the right track with the players that they have and I wish that most of the fans would lay off Grampa's cough medicine and show the same patience that Grampa showed. We all knew at the start of the season that our team is raw and that it would take time to come together as a unit.
My Grandma always said that PATIENCE is a VIRTUE not a TRAIT.
I guess I am tired of reading all of the posts to cut this player, fire this guy, trade this player, this player should ask for a trade, forget the whole season etc. etc. etc. etc.

Right on man!

You have my support.

Hey Baldy you should really talk to a member by the name of stox :lol: and have to go through this same speach about 10 time and then keep doing it for the same reason over and over cuz he doesn't get it and will avoid the questions.....just wait for it...wait for it... he will post here as soon as he reads this cuz he doesn't like me too much for the same stuff you have just said.

But I absolutly agree with you.

Great post!! Unfortunately, sense is not common around here.

and common sense is always common practice.

Just read a certain poster, tigergr8 or something. He insults, condemns, demeans just about everyone associated with the organization. You have to wonder about the quality of life of some people.

I agree completely. Some people need to understand that you don't build a successful team by constantly bringing in new players who are supposed to be able to do the job better than the current players. A successful team evolves when players are allowed to develop together to a point where they can achieve more as a TEAM than a lesser team of more talented players ever could.

Using hockey as an example one only needs to look at the dynasties of the Islanders and Oilers, and to lesser extent the Red Wings of the 90s and 2000s, for proof that allowing young players to learn to play together is how winning teams are built.

Of course, as time goes on some players do not perform up to their expectations or do not show the ability to learn quickly enough to satisfy the coaches and these players are let go. However each time a player is removed from the team, more than just that one player is lost for the replacement player as well as the team must learn to play together again. This is why a manager's decision to cut a player is always the last resort - it sets the entire team back a step.

What too many of these toxic posters fail to realize is that our Caretaker made some mistakes, admitted to them and has taken corrective action. I wonder how many of these posters have such intenstinal fortitude? I bet it is far easier for them to sit along the sidelines offering their "expert" analysis of life passing them by. It's no wonder why people like Bob are successful and presumably the others are not.

I have to agree as well! I think that on the whole the defensive squad did an admirable job - given all the upheaval surrounding Sam Young’s about face and Tay Cody’s health. Specialty teams have got to cut out the penalties - damn Setta can sure hit that ball downfield! Offensively - we looked great at times - receivers still need to get more consistent. Maas deserves start - but has to stop making those drive killing over throws. It would be nicer if our receivers could get clear of coverage and if our QB could lead the receivers and not require them to jump. Running game sure looked good - Jesse was a force - but where was Radelin? Holmes was great too - running, pass catching [another Archie?] and returning kicks. My big question concerns coaching - why did we not try 2 point conversion on Brock’s TD - differential before score was 2 2-point converted TD’s. Enough from me for now. GO CATS!