Fed up with Argo bashing

Any other TORONTO ARGONAUTS fans fed up with the constant bashing of the team, organization, or fans in the CFL Talk forum?

I just responded to yet another post bashing the team, this time for selling playoff tickets before the Argos have secured a playoff berth.
The team has been doing this for years, so I don't know why it is bash-worthy this year. But hey, it's the Argos, and ANYTHING they do seems to be wrong in the eyes of non-Argo fans.

And yet, these same Argo-bashers spew their garbage about how the league needs the Argos. How TSN needs a team in the country's biggest market to justify paying the large $$ for broadcast rights.
Hey, let the Argos fold and stop dragging down the league! Let the other eight thriving teams march on boldly without the dead weight of the Argos holding them back!

These same Argo-bashers also KNOW what will solve the Argos problems.
Move to BMO Field, build their own stadium in Toronto, build their own stadium outside Toronto, share THF with the Tiger-cats (as if). I don't profess to know enough about the other CFL cities to advise them how their CFL teams should be run. Why do these bashers think they know enough about Toronto to make recommendations?

I'd like to hear the views of Argonauts fans on this.
If your avatar is from another CFL team, don't respond!

I'm inclined to agree with you, but its better not to let yourself take it personally, i dont.
I know mr. braley hasn't exactly come off as looking quite benevolent lately, but the major woe being a new home for the Argos, I'm inclined to believe that he will figure it out in the offseason. Braley has always come in to save the league, i dont think this is any different.

ideally, would we all love an Argos only Stadium? what should be being done is the CFL getting involved with football Canada(FC), Finding some Land in Toronto and building a Stadium with a Football Complex for youth leagues/development. You COULD probably get a grant from the government if it were going to youth activities/sport developments. Have this complex, house the Argos, have a a hub for Football in Canada. That would easily make the sport more affordable in the GTHA because you would have leagues directly using FC facilities. You could even get Collegiate competition in there. done, big investment, bigger return

one thing i will say about the Argos directly, is that there should be a discussion with STH's, Argos and braley so they can gauge how we feel about the club's performance(on and off the field) and perception. What are potential solutions? what's being done? that kind of thing. after all we are pretty much shareholders that have to repurchase our shares every year.
let the Argo Bashing continue, i won't waiver :slight_smile:

Yes, I am fed up with it to and I am more of an Ottawa fan than Toronto. Unfortunately most of these "people" spewing this hate on the Argos are TFC trolls and not true CFL fans. True CFL fans would hope that ALL CFL teams would succeed off field and not hope for the demise of any member team.

I am more of just a CFL fan overall living in the states but I have to agree there is no reason for bashing the Argo's.
To me the Argos football operations with Milanvich as HC are among the best in the CFL to me.
Not an excuse but losing both their OC and teams Coordinator to HC posts could have a team really go into the tank.
However this did not happen to the Argo's.
Being in the Playoff Hunt right till the final weekend.
Compiled the rash of injuries to the receivers for that strong offensive unit and staff and they managed that pretty well.
The off field issues have much more to do with the biggest groups in Toronto basically having the power to take BMO for themselves and leave the CFL out of the picture, turning it into a SSS and now paying for the upgrades reno it even furhter to a SSS.
The Argo's did finally get an assist and get a practice facility of their own. Lets see how much better they will be with finally getting a permanent Practice facility. As well as possibily still holding TC at York where they will have first class facilty next year to go with all of the rooming, meeting rooms, and dining all right there on the campus.
That has certainly helped clubs like Montreal and Riders in taking a bulk of training camp on the road to U of S and Bishops. While both Hamilton and Ottawa have also have great TC agreements with MAC and Carleton respectfully.

I worked at the Carleton residences back in the late 70s when the RRs trained there, or just gathered there and then left for another site.

It was fun watching the difference between vets and rookies.