Fed the coaches tonight

Well I happened to serve George Cortez, Jim Daley, Doug Sams and Doug Malone dinner tonight at Montana's in Ancaster. They are all nice gents. When I asked if we were going to land Fantuz Coach Cortez said he was taking donations for the cause :lol:

I guess it’s not a done deal otherwise he would have told you yes he thinks so …
it’s not looking good …the longer a person takes usually means they are staying put …
he was supposed to announce his decision on wednesday and then sask went and signed to big time free agent linemen
also he is a legend is SASK …

I feel he will pick sask and then we will spend our money on :

Murphy , Robertson , Eiben and Hunt

Exactly how DOES crow taste?


Don't be too harsh on him, I had the same kind of feeling and posted it Thrusday night. I'm not eating crow or even embarassed now because you just don't know how these things are going come out.

I am disappointed in myself for doubting Obie, though.

old fan, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I was just commenting on gerbear's continual predictions of doom-and-gloom.

I hear you, DCF. And perhaps some are still suffering the hangover of the last eastern final. But, with the signing of George Cortez and Henry Burris, I think the mood should be on the upswing. And now Andy Fantuz.

This is a day for some optimism and excitement.

Yes sir. I am looking at where we are right now and it looks good. :thup: