i need a football fix between February and July. I do like hockey, but not a big NHL fan, I prefer the OHL. Baseball and basketball just aren't for me so any suggestions on football to watch between February and July?

...Madden 2008...


Madden = Kickass Fun!
Or there are other football games... like:

Arena Football. Come to a Dragon game in long island, first rounds on me :wink:

arena football it just fun to watch because the field is so tiny and guys can be hit into the side walls.

NFL Network works for me when I need "a hit or two." Or CFL Traditions videos.

WOW!! A fellow N-Yorker ( i lived in Westchester until 1998) AFL ROCKS!! Go Dragons ( and Islanders!)

You're kidding right?? :thdn:

English Premier League has great football right up until the CFL season starts. Subcribing to Sentanta will definetly give you too much to view. :slight_smile:


lol, because it is AAFL

NLL Lacrosse. awesome sport, great league. over 70% of players are canadian, with 16 teams (ithink) only three in canada. TO. CGY. & EDM.

I second the Lacrosse referral. (How do you spell referral?)

Man, I wonder how many people would be up at arms if they saw a comment like this on an NFL board about the CFL.

If you have access to the ESPN classic channel, I have that channel and they have old CFL games on a weekly basis as well as the the CFL tradions chows every once and a while.

They haven't even played a game. I will judge when they do.