Feature Game this weekend! Bombers vs Eskimos

they dont play this week! and they (Winnipeg) wont win today :lol:


NOPE! no fluke here :lol: Winnipeg is handing Edmonton a GOOD beating :lol: so far :cowboy: any time you beat the Grey Cup Chumps, ooops i means Champions :roll: its a good game :thup:

WINNIPEG 39 / EDMONTON 10 = some fluke? :wink:


STEGAL with 2 T.D. catches and needs 6 more to be the all time T.D. leader in the CFL. :thup:

QUINN at back up Q.B. for WIN. throws his 1st T.D. pass in the CFL. :thup:

See WINNIPEG in TORONTO next week for the re-match. :thup:

I think tonight Glenn proved just how good a QB he has the potential to be in this league. If he keeps this up Winnipeg will definitely be an elite team in the East. Although Ray had a decent game yardage wise, they didnt finish drives, too many turnovers, and no ground game added up to 10 pts on the night. They need help on the offensive line, they have to coax at least two of three veterans out of retirement. IMO, without any kind of a running attack, the Eskimos are in for a long season if the ground game doesnt improve.

Where is Warner and rickynotsobright! HA HA HA HA HA HA
So much for Chip boy! Open a new can!

My predicted changes for the Esks personnel-wise for next week:

  • Woodcock out/cut
  • Lefsrud returning(there's been some talk of it in the paper)
  • Reggie Durden out/cut replaced with Roosevelt Williams

Maciocca is a freakin' idiot tinkering with arguably the best defence from last year. Have fun Maciocca, because you'll have 2 games coaching this team if you allow a performance like this to happen again(It's your fault for screwing our defence over, and having such a poor offence scheme-all yardage, no points). The esks secondary is a complete joke... I don't remember not seeing a receiver wide open EVERY SINGLE PLAY!!! Esks d-line is a joke, bring back Montford, and pick up Jeanty if he gets cut from the NFL.

Congrats. to winnipeg though, you played a very good game, but the esks sh**ty defence made you look alot better than you really are IMO.

I knew there'd be an excuse somewhere of the Esks D making us look good. Is it really that hard to accept that Winnipeg could actually be a good team this year?

Esks123 good post we all need a spanking once in a while! The Bombers did not disappoint! Now thats see if they can be consistant!

Yeah the coach truly hates KG. Did you catch his remarks at halftime? "We made some LUCKY plays in the first half" As to down play or degrade his performance.

I CONGRATULATED your bomber team for the win... whats your problem. your offence played VERY well, and your defence played VERY WELL. All I'm saying is that the esks defence exagerated how well your offence played somewhat. I honestly don't think they should have deserved the 40-whatever points, 30-some I'd accept, but alot of those points came after the ENTIRE ESKIMOS team had given up.

...well we kinda took the Esks. to the wall....they do not play well in WPG...///don't know why...maybe it's because we have a little extra for these all-time play-off guys....to say we took :thup: them apart....well lets hear it rickyyougotyoura$$ whooped...yeas i did enjoy the game.. :thup:

I honestly don't think they should have deserved the 40-whatever points, 30-some I'd accept, but alot of those points came after the ENTIRE ESKIMOS team had given up.
So in essence you're stating when Edmonton starts losing they get all whiny and quit? The Great Eskimos are a team of quitters....is that what I'm seeing here?

HAHAAHA Just got in from the game, WE absolutey CRUSHED the edmonton eskimos.

All the KG haters are eating some crow now! So much for your big edmonton win prediction esks123.

I knew this offense would be fine because in the previous 2 games we didnt even ATTEMPT to stretch the field and this was the perfect game to do it against a shitty defense like edmontons and we exploited every weakness they had.

HAHAHA Troy Davis!

HAHAHA AJ Gass, What was he talking about this week "You Hit charlie hard once and he will be out for the game" well funny thing is MISTER Gass left the game in the 2nd quarter adn only had one tackle.

Mike Quinn even ripped apart the eskimos even though they werent trying to hard near the end but still.

Great games from many guys on our squad, Barrin Simpson has made this D awesome.

Kinda reminds me of the 1990 Grey Cup Wpg 50, Edm 11. :smiley:

No, what I'm saying is that the defence played bad the first part of the game, and through the play of the defence, I inferred that the team looks like it had given up....

No you outright said they had given up.

Ricky Ray :lol: looked pathetic!

I never predicted a blowout Eskimos win... I predicted Ray would get 300+ yards passing(I was right), Glen would get less than 250(I was wrong), Davis would get less than 75(was right), and that Roberts would get less than 100 yards(didn't he finish with 90-some rushing and 70 passing?).

Stop trying to puts words in my mouth that probably came out of someone elses!!