Feature Game this weekend! Bombers vs Eskimos

Who you rooting for on this one!

lol...it might not be safe for Ricky with his pants down and Westy hangin around......

All I can say is that the Bombers better not disappoint this weekend! I mean I am pulling for them and putting aside my dislike for Taman.

Berry says the shackles are coming off Glenn and the offense this game......so we are either going to rack up the points or watch Glenn dig his own grave.......

My Predictions: Ray passes for 300+ yards. Roberts rushes for 100+ yards. Glenn passes for less than 200 yards. T. Davis rushes for less than 75 yards.

Go Esks go!

kkk…i say that ray passes for 250, roberts rushes for 100+, glenn passes for 220, and troy davis rushes for less than 50 yards…the esks show no attempt in even trying to run the ball…i think the running game will be the difference even tho u guys are all pass…i think itll come down to the backs


I agree that this does seem to be the feature game this week. This is the game that everyone seems to have been talking about. I'll be there in the stands cheering for the Bombers!

Im kind of indifferent on this one, but the Eskimos will win a close one.

The CALGARY vs. HAMILTON game was great.

The ARGO / B.C. turned into a thriller.

I want to see if WINNIPEG are for real , by beating the 2005 CHAMPS!

...i think that there will definitely be enough pressure on Ray to take him off his game...IF the Bombers can put together enough offence...then they should come away with the 2 points...this could be a very big turning point for both clubs,,,,especially the Big Blue...go Bombers.. :thup:

IMO i think Edmonto should win it and that would make me 3 - 0 this week :cowboy: Winnipeg cant fluke another game? can they? :lol:

The Bombers have a solid team, but Kevin Glenn isn't in the same class as Ricky Ray. The Defending Grey Cup Champions will win a low scoring game.

i predict it will be 24-14 Bombers

Warner you just might be right but you never know that is why the CFL is great. This year no weak teams!

BGM, it seems you talk big after one win we will see how the Riders do before pissing on the Bombers!

You guys are leaving to the game way early lol!

Off to the gentlemans club then to the game :slight_smile:. :cowboy:


There's got to be something in Glenn that the coaches see. Otherwise, why are they not panicking? Or are they hiding it?

I have yet to see the coach of any professional footall team, publicly admit that his QB is not up to snuff, and he is panicked to get him out of town. You have to do the best you can with the cards you are dealt. It’s not that Glenn is a terrible QB, and he may even develop into a CFL star at some point in the future. But as of today, he is not at the same level as Rickey Ray, Dave Dickenson, Anthony Calvillo, etc.

hes in nealon greene level