Why are so ticat players afraid to be friendly with the fans?All greycup weekend, the only people who were seen talking to the fans were retired players!Bob Young told a friend of mine he was to afraid to come out on saturday because there is to many drunks!I was not drunk and all my friends were not drunk!Ok! Lets get real here!

What are you talking about. I spoke with Hage, Hudson, Morreale, Setta, Richie, Bauman and Mosca. Maybe the better question is why were you so afraid to talk to them?

I was cruising around the convention centre and bumped in to Casey Printers and Richie Williams. They didn't seem to mind too much. Marwan was too busy sweet talking their way in the back door or I am sure he would have said hello.

And I will be honest, I had a few beers in me.

Good times were had by all!

  • paul

We had a great time over the 5 days...ran into lots of players and CFL team associates!

Everyone was outgoing and friendly. That in itself is a credit to the league and the teams....try getting that close to any NHL, CFL or NBA people!

I had never met Richie Williams...he was standing with Mike Morealle and I had a nice chat with him. He is looking forward to next year as well! Tigertown was Great!

I stayed at the Royal york and the other time you seen any of the players who were there was when they came out of thier rooms and hid in the Manatoba Bisons conference room!I know that because I was there all week!They made a box where only the box j boys and the ticat players got to hide so they didnt have to talk to the fans!Mosca was at the hall of fame lunchen but was not asked too be there!I did see philbric before he went in the dunce box in the back corner at the ticat room with morrelle and hitchcock!That hall of fame thing I went to costed 175 dollars to go to!They were paid to be friendly to us!Now thats real!

I am being forced to say sorry for telling the truth!