FB likes

interesting breakdown on the Rider's likes on FB. Ratio wise it looks about right, but I was surprised by the portion of likes from Bomberland

the team has over 128,000 Facebook "Likes" and here's a breakdown by location:

19,671 Regina
18,500 Saskatoon
6,954 Calgary
5,106 Edmonton
3,420 Prince Albert
2,723 Winnipeg
2,237 Moose Jaw

yet they have over 125,000 likes. I'm not living in one of those places mentioned and I've "Liked" them.

well, yes, I am sure it was a tally of the higher likes per city. there could be a liker in Auckland...they are not going to list it. I am sure they likes have also grown a bit as well. I was surprised at how few likes there actually were