FB John Delahunt

John Delahunt at Full Back looks like he has good size at 6'3" and 245 for a full back and a Canadian we need a good full back or blocking back for Chevon Walker, Gable and others? Daryl Stephenson another Canadian has good size not as big as Delahunt, Stephenson is listed as half back?

What do Cat fans think of our fullbacks and halfbacks? Who do you like?

I think the Trend now in the CFL is to have the taller FB/TE canadian player at that position now. Now longer will we be seeing the old fire plug size FBs whose starting job for the Ratio want by the ways of modern football which fetures single back sets leaving the old style Canadian FB standing at 5'10" as exclusive special teams players and extra blockers in short yardage.
Montreal began Using Lavoi as a real true pro style TE.
Stephanson and his skill player abilities have gone largely to waste as he was not fast enough to hit the hole as a Half Back RB. His move by the Cats to FB last year proved to be a good one as he made Darcy Brown expendable and by the end of the season Stephanson being listed as #1 FB of the depth Chart and used as a TE with enough size at 6'2" to not only just block from the TE spot but began to catch passes with some nice success.
The Delahunt kid is part of that new wave of Canadian player that may still be listed as a FB but really will be used as a TE.
He did show the ability to catch the ball a UCONN but like many TEs coming out of school there stats are not that high for receiving NCAA teams still do a lot of running and his abilities to catch the ball along with the size of a TE will give him the potential to be a receiving threat out of the TE sets.
You see this with NFL TE's as well when coming out of the NCAA ther receiving stats are not guady simply becuse the style of game in the NCAA dictates this. At the pro level in the NFL where the TE is used much more as a receivng threat the ability to catch the ball will be put to use. This is what we see in its infancy in the CFL.
Going from Offensive sets that featured a half back, Full Back, 2 SBs, and 2 WR's were replaced bu a half back, 3 SBs and tow WRs is now evolving into teams uses more of a set that has a half Back, a TE (that still may be listed as a FB) 2 slots and two WR.
Both Hawkins and Austin have spent all or a lot of their coaching in the US and bringing in a TE set to the CFL with them appears to be happening

Watching Delahunt at UConn many of his blocks were pancakes. He is also a good cover guy on the "teams". The man can catch but I would love to see the additional blocking in the run game. When the weather changes, good teams can run the ball! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)