....challenging his alma mater's baseball team to win their league pennant will = his return...

Here’s hoping they don’t win! :thup:

...in a related story,

AP/www.nytimes.com/AA45567IIsdet - (post)
Brett Farve, quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, has decided to base his return to the NFL this year on a challenge issued to his wife Deanna. Shown here, Brett has issued a statement through his agent that "if that (Deanna) can whoop my butt at Madden this weekend I will not only quit football altogether but also do the dishes for the rest of our marriage". When reached for comment, Deanna Favre noted "I wish Brett wouldn't drag me into these crazy publicity stunts, heck, I don't even know where the Xbox is in our house let alone know how to play one".

...unbelievable, the guys must be losing it or something:



In what can only be described as an off-season cry for attention, Brett Favre has contacted ESPN.com recently with the following statement: "Look, I've always been a fan of the mesmeric arts, let's just say animal magnetism is more than just a hobby, it's like a way of life for me man. Right after my dad, rest his soul, Théodore Léger is like my most admired person, ever. So here's the deal, if I can hypnotize Erin Andrews and get her to do the chicken dance I will gear-up for the Vikings this season. Deal?"

That was hilarious, red! :lol: :lol:

Like Lebron he has the douchebag US sports media, for whom ESPN is an awful "leader," by the cojones much like a cat toying with a wounded mouse. He's just having fun at some of our expense.

LeBron and the media can have all the fun they like, cause for the greatest basketball player in the universe, it's another season without a championship! :smiley:

so true, favre knows he can do this every year and they will bite. he'll be back one more year with the vikings, maybe even 2.

lebron,lol... lebrons kind of a douchebag himself at times, wonder what he will do. new york? or chicago? or stay in cleveland. my guess, stays in cleveland. dwade will go to new york aswill bosh.

I don't think too many people will be leaving their teams. The only guy I see leaving is Bosh. He's made it clear he wants out of T.O.

[url=http://gridironfans.com/forums/latest-nfl-headlines/131264-vikings-qb-brett-favre-has-ankle-surgery.html]http://gridironfans.com/forums/latest-n ... rgery.html[/url]

Well it looks like he had ankle surgery on Friday after all, so now let's get ready for a whole summer of media fawning about BRETT FAVRE again. :roll:

so, old brett farva beans is still hanging around eh.

Hey Poalo, can you post a link to an actual source instead of another football forum from now on? Thanks.

Yeah no problem Chief I can sometimes more often when not pressed for time, as I get a lot of feeds from that great site.

FYI the actual source is cited often at the BOTTOM of the feed anyway, which in this case was ESPN.

Note however sometimes www.gridironfans.com contains additional information or opinion beyond the source, so that's why I only cite it.

He's not only back but now down here they are talking about his ....after all the fuss about the trade for Randy Moss has subsided ...it was an old tale from months ago that was buried but conveniently brought up by some Jets fans as the NY Post as it appears. :lol:

[url=http://thebiglead.com/index.php/2010/10/08/brett-favre-allegedly-pursued-two-massage-therapists-during-his-time-with-the-jets/#respond]http://thebiglead.com/index.php/2010/10 ... s/#respond[/url]

Tiger Woods II? :lol:

We don't know what's real or not of course, but the stigma is at hand already after I think perhaps the NFL had their people make the story "disappear" in the first place.

And the initial babe Sterger is overrated for sake of being hot too only because they are deprived on the East Coast for sure ...and she's dumb as can be on Versus on that dumb show "The Daily Line" on that channel that no one watches too -- dumber than much of the newer sideline reporter material in fact no disrespect to the few proven veterans on the sidelines.

Looks like we have some exciting pre-game action this weekend too! :lol:

Here we go now!

It'll be funny to watch the NFL coverage and especially MNF try to tiptoe around this any time Brett Favre's name comes up.

[url=http://nfl.fanhouse.com/2010/10/08/brett-favres-explicit-photos-unleash-legal-storm/]http://nfl.fanhouse.com/2010/10/08/bret ... gal-storm/[/url]

The world will be ready with its DVRs to capture any strange changes in voice or funny looks on the faces of all the commentators who will have been instructed to not go there. :lol:

Most Likely Reality Check On This Mess IMHO:

Three babes contracted by the NY Jets hit on by Favre, two of whom are apparently married, and three attorneys rumoured in total with one confirmed for Sterger ...something tells me Goodell drags his feet so Favre can play a few more games as some seedy back door rich settlement is achieved with the interests of all women and the NFL, NY Jets, and Brett and Deanna Favre intact.

Of course a seedy back door settlement is most likely how Sterger with zero journalistic talent but bright headlights got that job in the first place, and that's probably why Favre at training camp with the NY Jets in 2008 thought mistakenly that Sterger was ripe for the pickin' as he heard about her antics through the grapevine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Notice how Sterger resisted fighting the situation until this week until I suspect someone threatened her with revealing publicly some dirt on her when with the NY Jets.

[url=http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/brett_favre_wrangler_commercial/1255771]http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/ ... al/1255771[/url]

As the victims "lawyer up," with Sterger's attorney with former FBI guys snooping around, it looks like Brett Favre is moving on to some new jeans go figure ...

(Note: Favre probably admitted to making the calls but not the photos because I believe it is easier to provide evidence to corroborate someone's voice than it is for faceless photos any more; in other words he had to 'fess up on what he knew he would get caught on now that Sterger has an attorney).

[url=http://gridironfans.com/forums/latest-nfl-headlines/144348-jenn-stergers-friend-says-she-saw-lewd.html]http://gridironfans.com/forums/latest-n ... -lewd.html[/url] [url=http://content.usatoday.com/communities/thehuddle/post/2010/10/friend-i-saw-lewd-photo-brett-favre-sent-to-jenn-sterger/1]http://content.usatoday.com/communities ... -sterger/1[/url]

I have not turned on the TV yet, but I would not be surprised to see this all over the news by tomorrow morning.

Now we know why Sterger was quiet so long and got some legal help. "Your Honour, we have a witness."

And if the interactions were consensual in nature, that might diminish any looming claim of "sexual harassment" though an attorney might try to argue that Favre was in a position of authority by default.

[url=http://gridironfans.com/forums/latest-nfl-headlines/146175-nfl-using-electronic-forensics-jenn-sterger-brett.html]http://gridironfans.com/forums/latest-n ... brett.html[/url]

Just as I had predicted in more detail otherwise than I commented below, all parties have a vested interest in just dragging this out to Favre's retirement anyway. Favre's legs won't take it any more though he'll still have the upper body strength for years.

If this were anyone else but Brett Favre, you know damn well that the sometimes wily Goodell would not be dragging his feet on the matter, as I find it hard to believe that such an investigation takes just this long.

They clearly used and juiced him for ratings until the very end, with this play, so that we could find out really for sure if he had one more season in him:


And only an investigation into Brett Favre could have taken that long as well of course as otherwise everyone was up in arms for sake of fake outrage a week before about some hot B so-called reporter who wanted to walk around locker rooms showing it all off?

If only the game against the Saints were called correctly last season with the Vikings with the win?

This is how his career ended symbolically on a cold winter night in Minnesota, outdoors, when he was not supposed to play but then was done in for good ironically with the first career sack by a rookie with another lineman landing on him for good measure. It was indeed a moment I saw live akin to that of Joe Theisman's leg break decades ago but for a legendary player.

But hey good riddance he's been given way too much benefit of doubt anyway and suffered an ultimate fate worse than that of Dan Marino's last game.