I like our "controversy" a lot, lot better. :wink:

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lol he looks like an old man lol

Well, 40 in October is 40 in October, gold. LOL

Watch Cris Carter's rant on this on tsn.ca. Pretty much nails it.

I respect coaches who are CLEAR in their expectations/goals with players. I respect Marcel for being firm in making a decision at QB, even if some may rightly see areas where it is debatable. Brad Childress and company? A lot of fudge with Brett the head cook. LMAO

I have no doubt that with his arm "fixed," Favre will be ready to play in September for the Vikes. Let's see how he is holding up by American Thanksgiving. They are a dangerous team as of now...what about then?

Time will tell.

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In solidarity with the other fortysomething in question, I surfed along with my Able Walker to find this nugget:

" The decision to do so [Favre joining Minnesota] comes even though Favre has informed the team that Dr. James Andrews detected a slight tear in his right rotator cuff in May while performing arthroscopic surgery on the quarterback's passing shoulder, according to a source.

"The tear is still there and there's always a possibility something could happen with it later on,'' the source told Werder. "He wanted to give it the best chance he could before he made a commitment. But the last three weeks, it hasn't gotten any worse and he's been working hard. Hell, who knows? It could flare up again if they make him throw 50 or 60 balls a day."

It was concern about that injury, and the pain in both of his ankles and left knee, that discouraged Favre from signing with the Vikings before training camp."


Adrian Peterson is going to be run to death. LMAO

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Adrian Peterson is going to be run to death. LMAO good call russ ....

But that's the question does Bret have anything to offer on the field playing more then could help out off the field ..... I am sure he could be more used in sideline help . More money on the field lol ....
I am going for Adrian Peterson for sure in my fantacy draft ...

What if Peterson Gose Down... Brett will have to throw more..

I don't like the Vikings WR much...

It doesn't work that way.
"I have no doubt that with his arm "fixed," " - you just can't FIX an arm already injured. You can only make it better than it was, but it is still not the same.
It is like Jessie Lumsden saying 'My shoulder injury is gone'. The very 1st hit, and he is again gone for the season.
Bret Favre is the smartest guy. He knows someone will pick him up, even at age 40. If I was given an $11,000,000 dollar contract, I would sign as well.
It is the Minnesota Team Management that should be questioned about thier sanity; not Favre's.

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

That's why I put "fixed" in quotes, Eagle. :wink:

All he had done was have the biceps tendon detached from the bone to reduce his discomfort in that area of his arm. It does not address his rotator cuff issue, which may or may not be a long-existent problem given calcification that was found in that area of the shoulder joint. He eschewed a reconstructive precedure that could have taken 1-2 years to rehab to repair both the tendon and the rotator cuff. So the Vikes and Favre are rolling the dice that he isn't blown up during the season and cannot complete the Lombardi crossing-to-Valhalla operation.

He will probably get to the season opener, but will he get to Lambeau on November 1?

It's Favre's decision to play. It's the Vikes to pay him. Either this will be storybook or donnybrook.

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Well, Chester Taylor is excellent, particularly as a third-down back who can catch out of the backfield. They have depth at that position, but Peterson is a MVP candidate whose presence along with Favre on paper looks scary for defensive coordinators.

The key addition at receiver is Percy Harvin. An absolute gamebreaker. Sidney Rice is up-and-down and Visanthe Shiancoe at TE can fly (although still developing consistency). With All Day in the game, they don't have to light things up in the air with the defence they have in order to win.

Time will tell. Historically, if the Vikes didn't have bad luck, they would have had no luck at all.

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8) Does anyone actually care about what Brett Favre says, or does, or where he is going anymore ???
  The guy is a liar, just like all thes GM"s and coaches in the NFL are, that associated with him  !!!

   Can't wait to see the next set of crocodile tears when he announces his NEXT retirement  !!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   He has ruined any legacy that he previously had with all this crap in the last 2 years  !!