Favre again

Gee, Brett Favre is reported to be on a flight to Minnesota to rejoin the Vikings. I didn't see that coming...

What a clown. I wish he'd just say, right up front, "I don't want to attend all of training camp, but I still want to play." Or work something out where he only does a few light practices and runs the play book meetings...what a joker.

why care???

Because it's the biggest story in the NFL right now. Sure, it's a soap opera that feels like its been on for nearly as long as Coronation Street, but it's still a big story.

If you don't care, why respond?

I think it's hilarious.
Mostly because I work with a guy who is a huge Vikings fan and an even bigger Favre Hater. So this just provides me with laughter. Thank you Bret Farve for making yourself into a joke.

He is gonna get paid between $16.500.000 - $20.000.000 this year! Id come back too.

the $250 million(?) he's allready made aint enouph?

Even so, I would come back