Favourites to play in Touchdown Atlantic 2

So the rumours were true -- today the CFL put out this PR: http://cfl.ca/article/touchdown-atlanti ... to-moncton

My question is who gets to go and why?

I agree with others on here that the Western team will likely be based on past attendance records which almost certainly rules out the Riders since they seem to sell out every home game and cause an uptick in the attendance at away games -- the CFL isn't going to foresake that money (sorry to any Rider Nation members out east!).

Hamilton, who finally decided to build the Halfastadium (TM) last week is a good candidate, although they might be a better candidate for the year when they have the construction going on; Montreal/Winnipeg both have pros/cons.

ya it WON'T be Saskatchewan..

the Team who's losing the home game has the right to decline a team.

Bombers @ Ticats

I must agree with cflisthebest. A Rider game is often one of the better gate sales for many teams, so I can’t see it being them. I think the Lions will have more away games early, while BC place is being completed, so they are a likely contender. TO is also likely, as they have the lowest gate sales in the league. Their sales were just over 2k less then the 7th place teams sales. So my vote is BC @ TO in Atlantic. I do however feel that if they want to push a East coast location that perhaps it should be 2 eastern teams, but I don’t think it will be. Any 2 teams in there is going to be a sellout.

Rumour has it that it'll be Calgary and Hamilton.

Great comments about why it won't be SSK...um, ever. I wasn't aware that the BC Place construction was still on-going and would affect the Lion's away roster, but that could definately be a factor. The other question is whether they do it in the fall again this year or if they move it into the summer -- it might be worth looking into ticket sales trends during the season for whoever the home team ends up being.

Rumor has it, that it will be Hamilton vs Calgary (mainly due to an off collar comment Scott Mitchell, the Ti-Cats president made). I'd rather see it be Winnipeg vs Calgary. Theoretically next season we will be rebuilding Ivor Wynne Stadium and that is really the time when home touchdown Atlantic game would be of great benefit. Then again, running Hamilton back to back couldn't hurt and might get us a couple more fans.

It won't be BC though, they are going to want to return to their new stadium in style...although then again if it's not ready until September, maybe they will play a game in Moncton. It's not going to be the Riders though, or if it is, the Riders will be the visiting team. There is no way the Green machine is going to take that kind of financial hit.