Favourite two hours of the year for this Premier League fan!

What a week at Anfield home of Liverpool.

Tuesday night the stunning UEFA comeback win over Barcelona and right now insanity! The crowd going absolutely bonkers reacting sometimes to false rumours of what is happening down on the coast in Brighton where Man City are playing. I’ve got two tV’s going.

A Liverpool win combined with either a Man City tie or loss gives Liverpool the title. Liverpool lead their game 1 - 0.

Then out of nowhere the Anfield crowd goes nuts - but the TV announcers shouting ‘We don’t know why - nobody has scored down at the Amex in Brighton’. Thousands looking at their phones in the crowd. Slowly reality sinking in -a false rumour of a Brighton goal. Just as they settle down - boom - they go bonkers again - but this time they have reason. Brighton had really scored to take the lead over Man City. The Liverpool crowd hundreds of miles away going crazy!

But then in the last five minutes Man City has scored twice and they now lead their game 2-1 and the Liverpool crowd is quieter again at Anfield with both games approaching halftime. Just awesome to watch the ebb and flow and over the top emotions of the crowd. Sport at its best!

Up until this year I was not a fan of the PL, but started to watch and got hooked.
Still my favourite team and league is the little known Croatian league.
Anyway, there is no way you can compare the 5th division North American quality of soccer.
That is not watchable.

In the end Man City win their final 14 games - beating Brighton 4 - 1 to clinch back to back titles after the most incredible race in Premier League history. What a treat some of the last few Premier League seasons have been. The three that stand out to me over the last 7 years.

2012 - Miracle in Manchester
Final day - Improbably Man City scores two goals in stoppage time to win the title. Delirium for those in Manchester City Blue. City fans emotional ride - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ0eemSl6xk

And this epic side-by-side video which I love of the last few minutes as they happened. On the left Manchester United winning in Sunderland. On the right the incredible two goals in stoppage time for Man City.

Priceless - the fan, players and coach reactions. First around the 1:13 mark on the right. Man City score to tie. Hope in Manchester for those in blue. Seconds later around the 1:30 mark on the left left Manchester United fans when they hear that Man City has scored in extra time to tie their game - meaning one more Man City goal would win the title for City. Nervous time written all over the United fans faces!

Then on the right - frustration of City fans when a time consuming free kick call goes against them at the 2:47 mark.

Seconds later on the left at the 3:03 mark celebrations for Man United staff, players and fans as their game ends and for a few seconds - their season over - and they’re in first place.

BUT THEN - 16 seconds later at the 3.19 mark on the right Man City score again to take the lead with only seconds left in their game. Insanity in Manchester.

And then my favourite point of the entire video - at the 3.30 mark on the left the second the Sunderland crowd erupts causing the Manchester United fans heads to snap to the left in quick realization of what just happened. The title they thought was there’s - gone! I’ll never forget watching that as it unfolded on TV.

Then in 2016 Leicester City’s still totally unbelievable million to one long shot Cinderella season title.

Then last year Man City record setting 100 point season.

And this year Liverpool lose JUST ONE of 38 games racking up 97 points - and yet still don’t win the title because of Man City’s brilliance.

Man - as much as I like Tottenham (they and Liverpool are my faves) - I have to cheer for Liverpool in the UEFA Cup final. It would be almost criminal for Liverpool not to win a trophy this year.