Favourite Team Colours

I as an Argo fan do like the double blue, especially now with it actually being a light blue. I also like the Red and Blue in Montreal, but I wish they would lose to silver, it doesn't fit in my opinion. I gotta say the worst colours have go to be the Black and Yellow in Hamilton. Not because I'm an Argo fan, but because it's just plan ugly.


Well...my favorite color has always been Green. And growing up in NY my High school colors were Green and Gold, so even though my CFL team is Montreal, I have always like Edmontons' uniforms.

"Go Lakeland High School"! NY State high school football champs 1984. :mrgreen:

Well this looks like another "everyone will vote for their own team question� but what the heck.

I really like the Als' jerseys the best, nice colours and nicely distributed if you know what I mean.

As for the worst, sorry but Toronto's double blue to me are the worst. All you have to do is add a breast pocket on the shirts and you will have yourselves a nice pair of pyjamas

B.C's orange don’t do much for me either .

They should start a question about who's got the worst jersey's. But if it was my vote, B.C and the orange has got to go. The bombers is my favorite, but Ottawa and Esks are close seconds.

Well, I’ll chime in, obviously green and gold, wonder what they’d look like if they used some actual “gold” like Baylor or Colorado State…anyway, it’s boring to vote for your own team so…
Ottawa’a are good…like them…
BC reminds me of Terribly Tampa before their much needed makeover…
Hammer’s away’s…uugh…

Heres my list:

  1. Bombers - I just like the Blue & Gold. Fave team has nothing with it.
  2. Argos
  3. Esks
  4. Als/Lions

what about the stamps? their home and alternate jerseys are sweet, but who the hell designed the away jerseys. they're ugly. sask is nice too.

Is it just me or have red, white and black become the unofficial colours of Canadian sports teams? That combination just seems too common for me at the moment.

Green white and black is the worst colour combination. Looks like a disease. Best would have to be Winnipeg’s home jerseys.

It's not just the colours. It's a matter of how they are organized on each jerseys.

For instance, all three Alouettes jerseys have the same colours. I just LOVED the new 3rd jersey of the Als (the one they used against Edmonton). Their normal home jersey is okay. Their away jersey is well below average.

By the way, I was watching the Stamps-Lions game this weekend when my girlfriend came in the room. "Hey, these guys look good in the orange jerseys", she said before leaving. I thought they looked pretty ordinaire. I guess women have a different take on it. (I like BC's white helmets though)

I like Saskatchewan's away jersey, and Edmonton and Winnipeg's home jerseys. Dunno if I like that bright orange in BC, I prefer the black home jerseys on them.