Favourite singers and board demographics!

Okay! Time now to determine this board's demographics. Which of these singers do you like the best?

Enrico Caruso
Mario Lanza
Frank Sinatra
Elvis Presley
James Brown
Mick Jagger
Roger Daltrey
Robert Plant
Freddie Mercury
David Lee Roth
Bon Scott
Michael Jackson
Axl Rose
Justin Timberlake


Vote on the question as asked. Keep your "Hey! Where's my favourite singer? He was better than any of those guys!" comments to yourself. This poll isn't about the "best" or your favourite singer of all time. It's about demographic determined attitudes with respect to the entertainment industry of which sports is a part.


I voted for Freddie . Just curious but where did you come up with this list and how exactly did you determine who would/would not be on it ?

There was no "where" involved. I just sat down and selected the pop singers who were popular enough to be somewhat representative of the popular music of the time.

...how exactly did you determine who would/would not be on it ?
Like I say, the ones who I thought could be said to be representative of the pop music of the time and thus indicative to a large extent of the cultural preferences of the members of this board.


It's a good enough list.

Amongst this group, I went with Plant.
Could've picked Jagger too, still play some '65-'74 Stones on occasion.

how does this indicate demographics ??

A specific era point in time for the singer at the time - I voted Michael Jackson

which artist is which era? seems like lots of overlap

...why not just ask ppl for their age group? Seems simpler than analyzing some random artists from across the ages...

None of the others can hold a candle to the top three. And I am a rock fan !

It's very hard to take any poll serious, on any subject, that has Justin Timberlake as a choice. ;D What a joke. May as well have Roseanne Barr on the list too. She wasn't TOOO bad on the national anthem.

Because most people have a marked preference for the music from their teen years.

Because this preference isn't necessarily entirely exact, and it's actually cultural preferences I'm trying to determine as opposed to precise demographics, albeit the latter is a strong determinant of the former. Besides, it's more fun/interesting to be picking pop singers than just giving one's age!


Of course there's overlap. The overlap provides alternatives for people who were teens in a certain era but couldn't abide certain specific pop artists.


Huh? If you're saying that I suspect you didn't read the question. (Hint: I didn't ask who you thought could sing the best.)

See! Your attitude toward Justin Timberlake already tells me a lot about your cultural preferences and what you're like in general. And I'm guessing your attitude to the fellow might be a lot different were you under 25 years of age.

Roseanne Barr? Wasn't she a movie star or something? She certainly wasn't a pop musician, let alone one whose music helped define the cultural preferences of a generation.


You ask what singer I like the best and I am not supposed to answer which I think is the best singer ? You lost me there.

Why no women in the poll ?

My attitude to Justin is the same as many young people. my sons have friends who all laugh at JT like i do.
People under 25 are pliable and susceptible to brainwashing. They listen to what they think their peers are listening to and is cool. As you age you become more discernible, hopefully.

The top three are not replaceable. You can't get somebody else to take their place. The middle 10 of the pack are a result of being in the right place at the right time. They become synonymous with the music the band is playing. Many rock singers are not that good at singing. Many singers in rock bands are replaceable and do get replaced.
The bottom two are clowns and should be treated as such. Very little talent unless you count dancing the same way as 15 others on the stage at the same time to music that is so repetitive that it is nauseous.

Sorry Baltic but just too many holes not to reply .

No country artists .

No women .

No Canadians to choose from even .

BonScott but not Brian Johnson ,

Missing many genres .

I know a few guys older than me that love Neil Diamond and my older brother loved Frankie Valli .

Not sure why David Lee Roth is there ?

Just too many tastes for the list to be accurate for any framing .

I don't see why the difference should be lost on any thinking individual. Sure, Enrico Caruso had a great voice, but since I don't care for his music I don't listen to it. So how could he be the singer I like the best from this list?

I voted for Mick Jagger. The Stones were far and away my favourite band during my teen years from 13-19 and I've continued to really like the band. Moreover I'm overawed by their longevity. They've been at it for over 55 years now! Meanwhile I truly admire Mick Jagger for continuing to be in peak physical condition and being a randy old horndog with the ladies at the age of 75 as well as being a very shrewd businessman.

So all in all, Mick Jagger is my favourite singer.

Never did I say that the poll was about talent. It's about what music you like, and dislike, and thus which singers you like/admire the most.

See! Their presence is eliciting commentary from you based upon your underlying attitudes to present day pop culture!

Because that would have skewed the poll to sexual as well as cultural preferences; you know "She's got great tits!" or "I like her ass!"

Which is what the poll is all about.

Granted, but that wasn't the question I asked, now was it?


There are loads of David Lee Roth and Van Halen fans out there. (Much to my disgust, which of course tells you a lot about my cultural and pop music preferences.)


I see that Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley are in the running to top this poll. If it came down to a choice between the two, I'd pick Frank Sinatra by miles. Elvis Presley was a pathetic excuse for a man by the age of forty, while Frank Sinatra who'd gotten his start as a professional singer in 1938 continued to ply his craft with audiences (and with the ladies!) until the last decade of his life in the 1990's.

...this science in this one is questionably weak...I give it a D-

Baltic, I am not trying to argue BUT you never mentioned music once. You asked "Which of these singers do you like best". Then you tell me that you don't want to know which singer I think sings the best. It's not about talent. Ok I got ! I like Sinatra because of the nice suits he wore, nice shoes too ! Although, Elvis had nice hair, maybe he's my favourite singer. Whew boy....

We could add anyone to the list because it's not about talent.

Mick is your fav singer but not because of his voice. Sorry, this unthinking individual thinks you should ask the correct question if you want a correct response.
You have spent more time explaining what you want than you have deciphering the results and you were warned.

Science?! Science! This ain't nuclear physics. It's about favourite pop singers on a discussion board that (I think) is populated by old guys.