Favourite players down the years.

Favourite player for every decade of your association with the CFL:

2011+ Brad Sinopoli
2001+ Charles Roberts
1991+ Raghib Ismail
1981+ J.C. Watts
1971+ Tony Gabriel.

Many of the decades run into each other

70's Tom Wilkinson and
80's Warren Moon and Brian Kelly
90's. Matt Dunigan and
2000's Danny McManus and
2010's Dave Stalla

Before he was gone in free agency from Ottawa Ernest Jackson

Awesome choices, Hank. So many great players. An awesome game.

Former Buckeyes are always my favourite players.

Joe Kapp - '60s... B.C. Lions

Jim Young - '70s... Lions

Russ Jackson - '60s... Ottawa Rough Riders

George Reed - '60s and '70s.. Saskatchewan Roughriders

Arland Bruce - numerous CFL teams

Mike Reilly - currently with Edmonton [ to think, we gave this guy up]

I cant even remember for everyone what decade they mostly played in and I cant even remember all my favorite, but I take a stab at it

60+ and 70+ - Ron Lancaster
80+ - Mervyn Fernandez
90+ - Doug Flutie and Pinball Clemons.
2000+ ?
2010+ - Mike Reilly

additional mentions - Winfield, Dunigan, J.C. Watts, Adrion Smith, Henry Burris, Jon Cornish, Andre Durie, and Brad Sinopoli

Not sure if you remember but we were going to lose him anyhow to Ottawa in their startup draft, or what ever its called. That way we lose him for nothing. So we traded him to ED and got something in return. It is all Ottawa's fault. Of course, it the lions had known for sure what they had in Reilly, maybe he would have been one of the two QBs protected.


Taylor Loffler
Zach Collaros

Ben Cahoon
Jeff Garcia

George McGowan
Tom Wilkinson (all time)