Favourite player on every team

Just for fun, name your favourite player on every CFL team, past AND present

I'll start:

Past-Mike Pringle Present-Ben Cahoon

Toronto (ughh)
Past-Pinball Clemons Present-ummmmm, Brannagan, because he's a Canadian QB

Past-Earl Winfield Present-Jamall Johnson

Past-Troy Westwood Present-Buck Pierce

Past-Don Narcisse Present-Dressler

Past-Gizmo Present-Fred Stamps

Past-Mervyn Fernandez Present-Martell Mallett

Past-Mike Pringle Present-Ben Cahoon

Past-Pinball Clemons/Chris Schultz Present- Adriano Belli

Past-Danny McManus Present-Arland Bruce

Past-Chris Walby Present-Buck Pierce

Past-RoboKicker Present-Dressler

Past-Danny McManus Present-Fred Stamps

Past-Damon Allen Present-Jamal Robertson

Past-Doug Flutie Present-Henry Burris

He's in the NFL, pick again

Past-Pinball Clemons/Chris Schultz Present- Adriano Belli

You are obviously neither the Coach nor the Commish! :smiley:

Missing a team....

oh hmmm.

Past - Pringle, Present - Cahoon

Past - Mike Kerrigan, Present - Cobb

Past - Darnell Clash, Present - whoever scores their first TD

Past - Matt Dunigan, Present - Stephen Jyles

Past - numerous but mostly Kent Austin, Present - Darian Durant

Past - Allen Pitts, Present - Henry Burris

Past - Tony Cherry, Present - who's still there??

does not compute!!!!! :twisted:

My choices are with former players listed first;

Montreal: Sonny Wade/Ben Cahoon
Toronto: Mike "Pinball" Clemons/Joe Eppele ( Looking forward to see him play his first game.
Hamilton: Garney Henley/Otis Floyd
Winnipeg: Ralph "Deiter" Brock/Fred Reid
Sask.: Jack Abendschan/Wes Cates
Edmonton: Henry "Gismo" Williams/Ricky Ray
Calgary: Wayne Harris/Henry Burris
B.C. Lions: Lui Passaglia/Geroy Simon

Ti-Cats: hate all of em.... dont mind Arland Bruce
Argos: Damon Allen, don't really know any of em, except maybe Belli and i hate him...
Montreal: Ben Cahoon
Winnipeg: Milt#85, Fred Reid/ Doug Brown
Sask: Barrin Simpson
Calgary: smilin Hank/ Rambo
Edmonton: i dont know, i know i don't like Kamau Incompleterson
B.C:Past-Buck Peirce

I'm not really a fan from distant past, so i'll just comment on the present players.

Hamilton: past - Grover Covington present - three way tie between Arland Bruce III, Peter Dyakowski and Otis Floyd

Toronto: present - Chad Lucas

Winnipeg: past - Milt Stegall present - Doug Brown

Montreal: present - Shea Emry

Edmonton: present - Fred Stamps

Calgary: present - Joffrey Reynolds

BC: present - Brent Johnson

Saskatchewan: present - three way tie between Weston Dressler, Andy Fantuz and Dominique Dorsey.

I’ll split my list into threes.

Way past. . . .relatively recent past. . . .then current:


George Dixon. . . Sonny Wade~Junior Ah You. . . tie between Calvillo and Cahoon


Dick Shatto. . . Pinball (tie with Stanley Jackson !!). . . Lin J Shell


Garney Henley. . . Rob Hitchcock. . . Markeith Knowlton


Leo Lewis. . . Milt Stegall (tie with Stanley Jackson!!). . . Odell Willis


Ron Lancaster. . . Eddie Davis. . . either Tad Kornegay or Andy Fantuz


Wayne Harris. . . Joshua Harris (who??). . . Mike Labinjo


E.A. SIms. . . Gizmo Williams. . . Jason Goss~Chris Thompson (tie)


Tom Larscheid (who??). . . Joe Paopao/Darnell Clash/Mervyn Fernandez (tie). . . Korey Banks

My past aren't very old because im 16 years old but i'm sure you wont mind :slight_smile:

Hamilton: Past- Joe Montford Present- Peter Dyakowski
Montreal: Past- Mike Pringle Present- Ben Cahoon
Toronto: I never have liked nor will i ever like any Toronto Argonauts.
Winnipeg: Past- Kevin Glenn :o Present- Brock Ralph?
Edmonton: Past- Ed Hervey Present- Arkee Whitlock
Saskatchewan: Past- Nealon Greene Present- Chris Getzlaf
B.C.: Past- Dave Dickenson Present- Brent Johnson
Calgary: Past- James Cotton Present- Joffrey Reynolds

BC - past (doug FlutieFernadezLui)
calgary - past(doug Flutie)
Toronto - past(doug FlutiePinball)
Sask - past(ron lancaster)
Hamilton - past(winfield)
WPG - past(dunigan)
Edmonton - past(dunigan)
Montreal - cant think of any

I really dont have any real favorite players anymore. In my mind, the best have come and gone.

BC Lions- past- Al Wilson present- Geroy Simon
Edmonton - past- Larry Highbaugh present- Ricky Ray
Calgary- past- Willie Burden present- Henry Burris
Sask- past- Ron Lancaster/George Reed present- Dariun Durant
Winnipeg past- Joe Poplawski present- Fred Reid
Toronto past- Zenon Andrusyshyn present- Kevin Eiben
Hamilton past- Ben Zambiasi present- Dylan Barker
Montreal past- Junior Ah You/Peter Dalls Riva present- Ben Cahoon

BC Lions: Past - Baron Miles - Present - Brent Johnson

Calgary Stampeders: Past - Jeff Garcia - Present - Joffrey Reynolds

Edmonton Eskimos: Past - Warren Moon - Present - Maurice Lloyd

Saskatchewan Roughriders: Past - Ray Elgaard - Present - Weston Dressler

Winnipeg Blue Bombers: Past - Matt Dunigan - Present - Jovon Johnson

Hamilton Tiger Cats: Past - Paul Osbaldiston - Present - Kevin Glenn

Toronto Argonauts: Past - Pinball Clemons - Present - Dalton Bell

Montreal Alouettes: Past - Mike Pringle - Present - Ben Cahoon

BC - Swervin' Mervyn! and Brent Johnson
Edmonton - Moon and McCarty (sp.?)
Calgary - Danny Barett and Joffery Reynolds
Saskatchewan - Roger Aldag/Bobby Jurasin/George Reed..(the list could go forever) and DD/Dressler/Morgan...(again, another long list)
Winnipeg - Greg Battle and Doug Brown
Hamilton - Tony Champion and Deandre Cobb
Toronto - Mr. Allen/Mr. Pinball and Byron Parker
Montreal - Tracey Ham/Larry Taylor and Jamel Richardson
Ottawa - Doug Wickersham and........

Special mention: Gil "the THRILL" Fenerty, Gizmo Williams...and evryone else who had a cool nickname back in the day!

I think that should have been Jeff Wickersham....

if you gonna talk ottawa, gotta be J C Watts for me.

As for Ottawa Rough Riders former players for me;

Ron Stewart/Vic Washington come to mind.

I would go with Russ Jackson/Wonderful Mohns(Monds?)… and Kerry Joseph in more recent years…

Since I may be one of the few who had the pleasure of seeing these guys live, I will just go with the all-time greats.

B.C. - Willie Flemming
Calgary - Wayne Harris/Harvey Wylie
Edmonton - Jackie Parker(greatest of all time regardless of any bogus poll)/Dan Kepley
Saskatchewan - Ron Lancaster/George Reed
Winnipeg - Kenny Ploen(second greatest player of all time IMHO)
Hamilton - Garney Henley(third greatest player of all time IMHO)
Ottawa - Russ Jackson(greatest Canadian of all time, fact not opinion)
Toronto - Pinball
Montreal - Sam Etchevary