Favourite part of a four-game winning streak?

Not one interception tossed by Durant. I like him, but with his history, I’d have never expected that. :thup:

My favourite part so far has been Richie Hall's defence.

I like the way they are grinding out games on the ground late in games.

The ground game; Sheets is on a roll - the O-Line - Cortez is doing a great job. Well done Riders...ect.

Special teams.

Whats not to like? The coaches are doing their job, the players theirs and everyone is being accountable.

Highlights for me include: Turn-overs. We are definately in the + column.
Deffence: Its a good one to watch. And like Williams said earlier in this week, 4th quarter don't let up. They finally did just that. Put together a damn good 60 mins.
Offence: Pounding the ground. Whether the 1st or the 4th, the production is there. Kudos to all blocking, running, playcalling and everyone envolved. Passing, i see the games go revolving towards a different receiver each week. This week it was heavy into Bagg. Last week Smith The week Prior Getz. I like it, and it seems to be working.
SP: Sanders has been out field positioning the other SP returners. Schmitt has been mostly outkicking the other punters. and Milo's doing well also.

The team has come together and its a beautiful thing.

  • I'm still not a Green Geroy fan but, he had a couple good grabs so i might be warming up to him..... slowly. ( hopefully he can keep mentoring the younger WR's - Taj Smith etc. )

The fact that a different receiver has a breakout game each night. Shows how much depth and consistency is in our lineup! Who's next?

Khari is doing a hell of a job. The game is obviously slowing down for Darian.

Favourite part of a four-game winning streak? 8 points!! :thup: :rockin: :cowboy: :rockin: :thup:

Chick not having a sack and still motoring out there. Unselfish just like I remember him to be.

This is a total team effort in all 3 parts of the game.this teams really wants to win.

Giving out the game balls.....
Said on a different thread in past but....

  1. Coaches - Riders are making half time adjustments and executing. Its working.
  2. Do not let your foot off the gas. They are executing. Had to let up late in the game today as we're in THEIR park next week and you know how back to backs often turn out. Do not rub it in, do not give them bulletin board material.
  3. Make them PAY for their mistakes. Riders made them pay.
    Question marks
    ? How are the Riders going to respond once they turn the ball over?
    ? God forbid, they take a nasty injury? How will they respond?

Fun times in Riderville right now but always remember, 103 years of pride, 100 years of heartbreak. The grim reaper is always lurking.

Play calling, protecting the Ball, Defense and of course Kory Sheets. :wink:

In 4 games, there have been 4 different leading recievers.
In 4 games, there have been 7+ recievers with a catch in each game.

In four games, opposing team fans looking for excuses (usually focusing on the refs).

There is nothing to compain or rant about so I spend very little time on this forum :lol:

I like 60 minutes of good football from all facets.

I did not care for how the defense let up in Toronto in the last 6 or 7 minutes, but other than that it's been 60 minutes of good football from all facets all year. A lot harder to do than it sounds. This is why the Riders are #1. :thup:

There's been like 3 dumb penalties in 4 games, and 2 of them were on the same play (Dwight in Edmonton). This is good discipline.

Rob Bagg is officially back and at full tilt. I can't explain in words how cool that is. Almost makes me wanna cry.

The run game is off the richter! That makes everything else so much easier. Keeps the playbook wide open, controls the clock, wears down the opposing front.

Not sure what is happening in the locker room at half time, but whatever it is it RULES. The opposition would be better to just cut a deal to just give the Riders 10 points in exchange for skipping the 3rd quarter. This team WALKS into enemy ground in the second half and plants it's flag wherever the hell it wants!

I have to say I'm impressed with Rey Williams... he seems to be a bit more mature this go round with the Riders, and is a much better player for it...

Ya, I agree on this. Even when ahead in the game the Riders of old would back off quite a bit. This last game was pedal to the metal all the way through!

It sure was sparkyjay, wasn't it?

And it wasn't just that they played hard. .. they were very creative in the sets and schemes utilized. Having guys out there like Brackenridge, Brown, and Butler, who can switch off positions with each other from play to play, gives Richie Hall a lot of creative flexibility, and he's using it to the max. It's a treat to watch, if you enjoy watching defences (and I do).

Proof positive that, while he wasn't much as a head coach, Richie Hall is one stellar defensive coordinator. Same on the other side of the ball with Cortez, who proved that as a head coach, he's one terrific offensive coordinator.

amazing what a creative Offensive Co-ordinator can do to the success of a good quarterback? Cortez is definitely the "X" factor we've been missing since 2007.