Favourite or most loved CFL announcer

I'm guessing Rod Black does not win this - but is there a CFL announcer out there who either calls games nationally or locally that is loved enough that they would get a reaction anything like this.


Any local radio broadcaster out there perhaps?

Easy one... Ron Lancaster.. Really wished he went back to the booth when he finished coaching Hamilton. That and didn't smoke 2 packs a day and die so young

Bob Irving is what Vin Scully is to MLB . We are spoiled in Winnipeg. I have listened to other broadcasts of the other teams play by play guys and it's not even close.

I wish Mountain Man from Duck Dynasty would do some games

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question, is color commentary considered announcing, or is that just play by play.

I'd say sure - colour counts. Heck Vin Scully most games does both. Not sure if any of you have ever watched a Dodgers broadcast that sometimes get picket up by Sportsnet - but it is Vin by himself - weaving stories in with the play-by-play. The man is remarkable - turning 87 this year. He's been the Dodgers announcer back to when they still played in Brooklyn - lol.

I used to like Don Wittman and Don Chevrier who split games for CBC as play-by-play guys. I thought Leif Pettersen on CTV usually was good with colour.

Of the current set of TSN announcers I actually enjoy games most when in it is Gord Miller and Matt Dunnigan as they seem to be having fun and do a good job at capturing exciting moments.

I've always enjoyed John Wells commentary. Almost a pioneer feel calling the play at the fledging network.

But today, I''m good with any of the TSN crew not named Rod Black.

I grew up in Edmonton and listened to Bryan Hall doing the Esks games on the radio. I loved him and to this day I love radio sport coverage.

This. I’m not especially a Winnipeg fan, but as I mentioned in one of my first posts a couple of years ago, I probably would listen to Bob Irving read out of the phone book. As a matter of fact, I very rarely watch a game involving the Bombers when they’re on ESPN3 down here. I’m usually out on the back deck listening to Bob call the game via a streaming feed from CJOB. Sometimes I think I see the game better that way than I do on TV.

From the past I liked Don Chevrie, Lief Pettersen and Ron Lancaster. From the current crop Miller and Dunnigan are fun, but mostly I'm with Mightygoose, I'm good with anyone on TSN not named Rod Black or Duanne Forde.

Don Wittman and Ron Lancaster were the best, nobody ever will beat their game.

Bryan Hall was a lunatic, he was one of the worst play by play guys, especially nearing the last years.

I like Gord Miller WAY better on CFL broadcasts than on NHL broadcasts. His voice and tempo suits football better imo.
Matched with Dunigan, I'd say they are TSN's best pair, even though they're third on the depth chart.

We are lucky to have Bob Irving for the last 40 years and nobody presently can hold a candle to him. The Montreal gazette did a great piece on him last month .

I too like Miller and Dunigan, though I don't really have a problem with any of the current crop of bingo callers. Old Halsy in Edmonton brings back a lot of memories, but I have to admit he was losing it near the end.

My least favourite was always Pat Marsden.

I never cared that much for cahill

Hands down, it's the late Cactus Jack Wells on CJOB, the voice of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I grew up listening to Bomber games on the radio with ol' Cactus Jack's whiskey and cigarette voice botching name after name, but somehow weaving a magic spell that put you right there under the lights on the west side of Winnipeg Stadium, even if you weren't at the game. What a character.

I would take Rod Black over Marsden ant day. Easily the biggest ass the CFL put on TV. Egotistical, arrogant and knew nothing about football, even less than Black.

I remember seeing Marsden doing a charity telethon...he was even obnoxious in that role. :roll:

Worst , James Curry- could not say three words without stammering.

Best , Leif Pettersen, #1 R.I.P

Don Whitman (CFL's Pat Summerall) Leo Cahill (CFL's Don Meredith) and Lancaster (CFL's John Madden) were a great trio with astute football knowledge.