Favourite moments from Monday

what's your favourite plays or parts from yesterdays game.

mine is

the score :wink:
Banks trying to push around a dlineman when the big scrum broke out
Zack Attack's buh bye wave.
Hitman's sack dance
Sinkfeild splitting the defensive players for the TD
I missed the Holley's rumble to the one yard line, I bailed after Sinkfields TD

whats yours?

Their opening drive, against the wind, moving downfield, seemingly at will, and scoring the TD. I knew my team was "back" after their disappointing play against the All Wets.

What a ride it was. :thup: :thup: :thup:

indeed it was/is..

I'd like to add the drunk kid evading the overweight security guards :rockin:

At least he wasn't a high wire act like the guy at IWS a few years ago, who did all kinds of acrobatics on the goal posts. That was scary as well as funny.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Sinkfield. That was sick.

its still on youtube lol


"I got em! I got em! or not!" lol

Another occasion when a fan, just one this time, came on the field, and tried to climb the pole. This one fails to get up there before being caught: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tD3fJBXHZU

Stripes to the rescue !!!!! LMFAO :lol: only at Ivor Wynne, classic. I remember both those games. I wonder with the Jack rabbit running the field in Calgary yesterday if there is any known footage of the famous squirrel at IW incident of a few years back.?

Mine was watching the players warm up before the game, I know it's a weird one but I haven't been to a game in a long time. We got there at 10:30 and there was already a big line up of fans waiting to get in. Really the whole experience was great.
I also liked when both teams cheerleaders went to centre field and danced, wow those girls are hot!

End of the third, Peter Dyakowski performs a pull and does an epic textbook block on the defender.

Lmao.. I miss my crazy endzone buddies :cry:

Was there a pancake involved?

I would love to see the tackle by the Cats and arblow player on the guy that ran on the field.
Saw it in person, but, would love to see the replay! Bam!!

Just Loved Zach Waving bu bye :slight_smile:

Sink's 48 yard fingertip catch to get us out of our end.

Tolliver's catch in double coverage, not to mention Zach's pass on the same play.

Mine was reading fan comments online at halftime. One, short one, got me laughing and, in my mind, I added a line to it for this: "The Toronto Argonauts -- they're just not ready. Nice uniforms, though."

I think it was Sinkfield's 2nd TD - he was WIDE open in the end zone but what was impressive was Zach who was totally surrounded as the pocket collapsed, getting the ball away with accuracy. :thup: Liked the little shovel pass into the end zone as Zach was going down and Coates valiant diving attempt to catch it. :thup: Would have been a spectacular highlight reel play had he reeled it in!

Really almost the whole game was impressive! :smiley:

can just end the thread right there tbh. although I am a little surprised no one picked Holley trucking the Arhol at the one yard line :rockin:

One for Ryan

Unnecessary Roughness penalty on Banks???

Its Not the size of the dog in the fight!
Its the size of the fight in the dog!