Favourite Lines From Other Users

I think this is the single best line I've read on these forums so far. F'ing hilarious! Hats off to you RLR!

Does anyone else have a favourite line that another user wrote?

Likely not a good idea to encourage this thread, but I think you should have quoted the entire paragraph (if 2 sentences are a paragraph):

My big goal in life is to be the best, and I've accomplished that. [b]On to the next, making sure the Riders never see another Grey Cup again[/b].
Nice to have goals in life, but maybe he should get one that he can actually have the slightest impact on...

If this doesn't get locked immediately, maybe I'll see if I can find a winner from some others like Turkey, 05, even the old skank (todays word--expand your vocabulary, kids!), Larrysmiles.

Why would it get locked? People say some really funny stuff on message boards, why would pointing it out be bad?
I don't mean 'favourite comments' like...comments that are so stupid or ridiculous, I basically meant funny.

Hate to break it to ya, chumpy, but some of the funniest comments on here usually are stupid or ridiculous? Case in point: do the mods still have "the marsupial file" readily available? Specifically the two most cursed words ever to be uttered in the forum's history?

I have no problem with the thread or it's topic...or I wouldn't have participated.
Actually, it has potential...
Unfortuntely, the "target" for the first post likely can't resist playing as well.
And if you notice what happened to the thread from which we have made our selections.....?

Anyway, it may be fun, but it can go south in a heartbeat...that's all....

Yeah I noticed that was locked. I just meant...not comments that are just super boneheaded...sometimes users make those quips that are truly hilarious or even very enlightening.
Can I change the subject of a thread after I've created it?

Is it bad if I quote myself here?

That's awesome!!! I have no problems with it. That comment in itself was a worthy quote to be in this thread!

Here are a couple.
Particularly noteworthy due to their prophetic nature:


Post subject: Posted: Aug 14, 2007 - 06:14 PM

...and so lets say he cuts a receiver, Bo for example because he seems to be the runt this week, and in the Labour Day game Lewis blows his MCL and is gone for the season...who looks like a dumb GM/HC then?...


Post subject: Posted: Aug 14, 2007 - 06:28 PM

...at $150K and with only 16 catches and 1 TD Bo is finding it hard to even be in the league at this point let alone being trade material...

This one has a certain cachet...


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redwhite2005 wrote: Ah JM02 you are fresh air!
Isn't she, though? Cool


I dunno. I'd say this gem is right up there for us long-time posters...


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turkeybend wrote: No way - actually that is mrs. turkeybend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs Turkeybend??? I thought Mrs Turkey was really Saskargo? Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

Mongo, when the sun gets hot out here, and I get a few Rum & Cokes into, I'm liable to quote anything! :wink:

.....from this little obscure thread 'vaughn'

corneskers wrote
....' is the labour day game in Calgary the game that Terry (trader pouter baby ) Vaughn gets his no. retired in Calgary

Sportsmen replied

... don't know why...but i chuckled for quite awhile after reading that one...

Sporty you got to be headin for some kind of award.... :lol: :lol:

All I was asking was "What was he trading?" in my own little way! I beleive Corney really meant traitor, but I couldn't resist poking a little fun at him.

It is tough to resist poking fun at 'Smoe fans....
And I think a few of us took some liberties on that one...

Hey, better to quote anything after knocking a few back than to ramble on incoherently when you're trying to multitask and are failing miserably. :wink:

the one about Eddie Davis being as valuable as Dave Dickenson

I almost forgot about that one. I remember I was having a bad day and that just cracked me up so much. Whoever said that, thanks for brightening my day!

Some times I feel like I'm watching a comedy routine with you two...

That fur trader one was pretty funny.

It's 3rd to RLR's
"My big goal in life is to be the best, and I've accomplished that"
and then...
"Is it bad if I quote myself here?"

Too funny. J-93 thinks yer alright RLR.