Favourite Flintstones episodes

I always figured Betty had a dark side. Can imagine the continuation of this on a Dateline NBC episode.

(Cue up Keith Morrison voiceover): But what other secrets was Betty Rubble hiding in the sleepy town of Bedrock? We talked with police chief Joe Rockhead to try to get some answers…


Just one excerpt of this lost episode

Chief Joe Rockhead:

"Well Keith, now I gotta tell ya, a few years ago we got wind of talk of a brunette from a lot of guys we arrested on the south side. Each of them mentioned a "sweaty Betty" was involved after we interrogated them for who put them up to it, but we never found any evidence. We just don't know Keith, but ..."



I told you that was an espisode! Glad to see someone posted a video from it

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With Keith Morrison now involved in this Flintstones' investigation at our hands, I suppose this matter can get intriguingly humorous or creepy. Or both. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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Bill Hader is brilliant.

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I think that this was during the time that Fred and Wilma were going thru some hard times and were actually looking to divorce one another . :rofl:



Fred Flintstone was stone-cold to his wife there and then went around looking for love in other places and went all Peeping Tom-Tom on Betty.

Who knew times ever got so tough in Bedrock?

I missed these later seasons of episodes.

I'm thinking they should re-run these lost episodes somewhere. They have a captive audience who are now adults many decades older.

When you posted that, well, I figured you had "surfed perhaps a few waves too far." :flushed:

It's okay, we all have done it as well as have chosen poorly.

Otherwise I figured at the very least you were simply clowning and made it up to see who would take the bait.

Well you fooled me anyway, for indeed that episode was "real"!


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Looking for something else, I found this gem. Apparently this was the excerpt from an episode when Fred and Barney were going to be judges at the beauty pageant at the lodge.

Now perhaps we can understand a bit better why things began go to off the rails with Wilma, who filed for divorce, and Betty, who turned to a more glamorous life of sorts I suppose.

"What Not To Do With Her" :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Talk about irony. Tonight I had a player at my place of that looked like Fred Flintstone. LOL! Get this, he was a Leaf fan. As the Leafs lost to Tampa, he said "Wait til next year". Ha-ha.


Did he gamble much and lose as well? Did he shout and gesticulate animatedly at times too? What was his preferred drink?

I'm trying to imagine what a real guy who looks like Fred Flintstone looks like other than the inspiration for his character, Ralph Cramden as played by Jackie Gleason. Of course "The Honeymooners" inspired the casting of this cartoon.


John Goodman was pretty good in the movie.

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Son of Rockzilla Season 4 - Episode 24 - 1st Aired 2/26/1964

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He was losing.

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Was there ever an episode in which Fred and Barney participated in a labour action against that evil Mr. Slate?



From a distance this guy pretty much nailed it.