Favourite 2009 Ti-Cat Moment

Another favourite moment just happened today for me, I met a guy who I used to play slo-pitch with, not the brightest wick in the world, and I was wearing a TiCats jacket today and he had a Chargers sweatshirt on. He looked at me and sort of laughed "TiCats eh" like why would you wear a TiCats coat. And then I looked at him and started talking about the NFL. I knew I was twice as smart as he was being able to converse in both languages and him in only one, and I didn't even give him a chance to talk about the CFL knowing an additonal language was probably too much for this slow poke to handle. :cowboy:

Sort of like if I met Phil Lind in the streets, same sort of thing. :slight_smile:

Thats cool Earl, those NFL guys have a one track mind. They don't realize the competitive football we have in the CFL, especially this past season.
I was looking at the stats recently for the NFL and was totally surprised to see how many teams have been taking it on the chin all yr.
NFL 09 Season
Browns are 2-11
Chiefs 3-9
Skins 3-9
Lions 2-10
Bucs 1-11
Rams 1-11
When a team in the CFL has numbers like these the NFL group is all over the CFL league as being bush league. Funny when the NFL has 6 teams getting the boots to them week in and week out they turn a blind eye.
When it comes to excitment level, the NFL doesn't hold a candle to the CFL game. Three down football for life!
Doc 8)

Totally agree Doc! :thup:

When I read this the first play that came to mine was Tafralis touchdown pass to Bruce, third and short wasn't it? I know it may not have been the greatest play, a good highlight.

favorite ticat moment....when they lost to the lions :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

My greatest Lions moment ? 55-10!

yeah, but ya see, the lions lost to a really good team, while the ticats lost to a really bad team :lol: :lol:

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I think it was 2nd and short but I could be wrong.
Either way it was an exciting play.

My favorite TiCat Moments began in the BC game at Vancouver and ended with McDaniel's 2 point conversion in the playoff game at home. There was absolutely no quit in this team all year! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)