Favourite 2009 Ti-Cat Moment

Hey all,

Now that the 2009 season has finishe, I was just woundering what your favourite Ti-Cat moment was this year (whether you were at the game, at home watching it or anything.

My favourite ti-Cat moment for 2009 season was going to the playoff game, and i remember watching Stala catching the ball for a TD, and then look up and around all the stadium from my seat and to see the crowd so happy and energetic, waving their towels in the air... it mad me really happen to see the sport i love being celebrated like that, and i was even happier to become a season seat holder - hopefully for many, many years to come.

That Stala catch in the end with the end zone seats was amazing and maybe the catch of the yr. Glenn fired a bullet that would have gone threw most recievers hands. It looked like Stala had jumped out of his shoes to make that catch.
My all time favorite moment though was the week before when the defense scored and then bolted for the boat in the Winnipeg end zone. The boy's were so excited and proud and they deserved the attentnion.
Next yr. will be even better!
Doc 8)

The Boat, Chris Thompson's lateral to Jeff Tisdale for a TD against Edmonton

The last Drive in regular time in the playoff game ....Takes the cake for me i was an emotional wreck after that drive that drive has to go down as a heart filled men working together for the same cause at the exact same moment ..

But the boat was also classic all time CFL celebration ....

The season we have had and the momentum we can hopefully carry too the next season could prove to be the number one moment of this past season ...

My favourite Ticat moment of '09 is linked in my sig 8)

Porter coming back to beat Calgary.

Thats mine too.
See how calm Marcel stayed on the sideline,I have no clue how he could be like that.

The tying 2-point conversion against the Lions, Thompson's Lateral to Tisdale, the boat and the guy climbing the goal post.

Me too.

Definitely the whole playoff game experience. From right before the game when everyone in the stands was standing, cheering, and waving towels non-stop for a good few minutes before and during the player introductions. Joe Montford coming out of the helmet, being on the sidelines for the whole game. Eight illegal procedure penalties on the the lions. Stala's incredible touchdown catch. The whole final drive, another touchdown catch by Dave Stala. The two point conversion to tie the game, and the crowd went NUTS.

Next would be kicking the crap out of mike kelly and the bombers to knock them out of the playoffs, and of course the boat celebration.

IMO the Best Ticat Moment was The Trade for Bruce
It gave this Team a Swager and a WR Who could Teach our Young Core.

:thup: :rockin:

From Oct. 15 on, when Glenn became the starter the team responded as a unit. The play-off game was amazing, hearing the buzz in the stadium was great. Even though we lost in over time 99% of the fans left with a smile on their faces.
The drought is over, come on 2010!


The goal line stand against BC, in the regular season.


I totally forgot about that.Everyone in the stadium was like ugh… c’mon, just let the stupid guy score already so we can get the ball back… it’s pretty much inevitable…huh!!! fumble??? Hamilton football!!! woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:
What’s even better is how we took it all the way down field for 3, then forced a fumble on the KR and scored a TD after that :smiley:
What a night to remember

When Kevin Glenn was given the reigns as the no. 1 qb.

The whole season was great! But my high light was when McDaniels gave me his gloves, and when the Team signed my Ti-Cat helmet! :rockin:

My favourite moment was being at the playoff game. To see all the enthusiasm from the players and the fans, it gave me goosebumps. I cannot wait for the start of training camp and a message to the current champs, don't get too comfortable on top because there is a team on the prowl to take the Cup away from you.

  1. 2 point conversion to McDaniel
  2. TD to Stala in last minute vs BC playoff game
  3. Tafralis to Bruce vs Calgary (no one expecting it... and Tafralis made a statement to league - 'I can play too!')

my fav ticats moment of the 2009 season was being at my first ticats game since 2005 against the roughies great times