Favorite U.S expansion team?

I started this poll out of boredom, and also because I thought the expansion days were exciting times for the league. It didn't end well, but I hope the league can learn from the mistakes made and attempt another go at it some day.

I hope the league can learn from the mistakes they made and not give U.S. expansion another go.

Texans because of the potential and fact they were transplanted Gold Miners --- the first to take the plunge.

People forget that in 95 both Texans and Barracudas (nesides Stallions)had records and teams good enough to go to GC

If memory serves me right, wasn't Matt Dunnigan the starting QB for a 'Cudas in that '95 season? That would explain why they were a strong team for their only year of existance.

I always like the Baltimore CFLs or whatchamacallits before they changed to the Stallions :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes he was, and of coarse he missed their one and only playoff game do to an injury. Also the Mad dogs probably had the most talent in league, they had Damon Allen, Joe Horn and defence that was stacked with talent, the only problem was they had a clueless coach and an offence that looked like it was designed in the thirties.

Not to mention that the field at the Liberty Bowl (the home field of the Mad Dogs) was seriously fudged up. They utilized natural grass for the portion that would've made up a normal American football field; however, since the CFL field is actually bigger, they threw down Astroturf for the rest.

I hated those days

I would have to go with the Stallions because they were the only team that had any success on the field as well as the only team that had any significant fan support.

I loved the CFL growing up and low and behold a CFL team landed just 70 miles away in Sacramento! I was a Gold Miner season ticket holder for their two years. I remember there was a fear US teams would dominate because they were not restricted by the import rule. Didn't quite work that way! I have the 1st US v Canada game on tape...Sacramento v. Ottawa...now two defunct teams. Ottawa won, btw. They called it a "border war." Prolly best to leave the CFL in Canada.

Gotta love a team called the Posse. Just imagine a conversation between two fans.

  • "I'm an Alouette. You?"

  • "I'm a Posse."

It reads not so bad, but it sounds really self-derogatory. Priceless.

Liked the Goldminers, I think they had teal as a colour in their unies?
A shame really that this experiment didn't work out and wasn't thought out enough but I guess the league was so desperate for expansion fees, they went overboard in awarding franchises.

I agree it's a shame the US expanison did not do well.

DuckMonk really has a thing for lost causes.

I Agree,

However since I have to choose one. Baltimore Stallions.

Well, I know I am probably going to regret this but.....they do need two franchises in the East, so if Ottawa gets going again, then wtf, why not a US expansion team as the 5th Eastern team to balance the league....

I love the Baltimore Stallions!!! They were a superb expansion team, making it to the Grey Cup twice in there 2 years of existence. Too bad they still don't exist. (Not counting the Montreal Alouettes)

They should consider it if Halifax doesn't get it together and get a proper stadium built, maybe in places like Boston, Jersey, Michigan, and Baltimore.

I think, if done properly (and obviously that's key), with the right ownership and all that, American CFL teams could be made to work in some of the smaller, northern areas - Montana, Idaho, maybe even Utah. There's a big gap in the NFL between Minnesota and Seattle. I think that's about the only way it could work. But before going to the States, go to Ottawa, Halifax and Quebec City ... If there are ever 6 Eastern teams, maybe go to Montana to find a 6th Western team.
As for the import rule, what if you were to replace "Canadian" with "Montanan" (or whatever)? You'd have to carry a certain number of players from your own state ...

that polls not very accurate, you have to call the Gold Miners and Texans the same team cuz they were, and you can't forget the San Antonio Riders (aka Texans) who were going to join with the Gold Miners, and the Posse being moved to Miami for the 1996 season, and other critical almost teams.