Favorite Sports Moment?

Mine in order
10)Aug. 1975- my first look at I.W. field,I was in awe !!! My 1st game!!!(still got the stubbs)
9)'99 GC victory

8)2002 Womens Gold

7)2002 Mens Gold
6)Coaching my daughters flag football team to the city championship at I.W.-Nov. 2002
5) Sipping coffee and Crown Royal with my buddy watching the freeze bowl at I.W. vs. the Bbombers in the '89 playoffs.
4)Champions catch in the '89 GC
3)Hendersons goal ( I was 9 )
2) My sons first goal-Nov. 2001

  1. Watching Ozzys kick split the uprights in '99 to send us to the GC.I was with my son and the entire crowd was absolutely insane!Hard to top that!

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Winning the Grey Cup in 1986. Beating the Argos in that awesome comeback in TO to win the East, then crushing the Eskies to win the Cup. What great memories!

I was at that Ozzy game...that's definitely my favourite moment...live sports anyway.
Really not sure how that could be topped. That place went beserk.

Actually, almost had my legs busted when the row in front of me rolled back when they all hugged each other! Toppled over them...was all good though. Helluva game.

It was 1998 when Ozzy's effort sent us to the Grey Cup ... but what's 1 year

8) As far as favourite TiCat moments go it would be a toss up for me.
  One would be attending the 67 Grey Cup game in Ottawa and watching the Cats crush Regina 24-1.
   Without a doubt, that 67 Cat defence was the best ever in CFL history  !!

  The other moment would be attending the 72 Grey Cup right here in Hamilton and watching us beat Regina (again) to capture the Cup on a last second field goal by rookie Ian Sunter  !!!

   Downtown Hamilton was a party zone for the rest of that night, just unbelievable !!

   Memories that you just never forget  !!      <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

I was in Montreal for the 2001 Grey Cup and CFL Awards show where I got to see Joe Montford receive his Defensive Player of the Year award. I also got to meet Danny Mac. The day before the game, my wife and I were hanging out at Grey Cup Village not far from our hotel and who should we run into, but none other than Joe Montford himself, his mom and his aunt, who he had flown in to attend the awards show. We just kinda hit it off right away and we, as a group, visited this huge beautiful cathedral near the village, took some group pictures in the park, where Joes mom squeezed my tush :roll: .

Joe invited us to dinner, so we all took a cab ride downtown to a resturant, where Joe ran into his longtime friend Milt Stegall and his family, who were sitting at the table right across from us, it was a wonderful and surreal experience that I'll remember forever. The only thing that could have topped it is if we had actually beaten Winnipeg in the ECF in Winnipeg, which we also attended, talk about freezing cold.

Anyway, it was a blast.

1989 Grey Cup with "The Catch" BEST FOOTBALL GAME EVER!!!

1998 Eastern Final with the 54-yd FG

1999 Eastern Final with the 3rd-down gamble to Joe Hagins

1993 Stanley Cup Finals GO HABS GO!!!

1987 Canada Cup

1992/1993 World Series.

  • Playing in my first Jr. hockey game. (Nevada Gamblers vs Utah Valley Golden Eagles in the WSHL).
  • Mens Olympic Gold.
  • Joe Carters Walk-Off Homer.
  • '86 Grey Cup as a child.
  • Walking in a blizzard at 3am to meet my friend half way, stopping at Timmie's for a hot chocolate, then going back to my place just to see Canada beat Khazakstan by some ridiculous score at the WJC.

' 72 Team Canada.....Paul Henderson goal to beat the Russians

' 72 Grey Cup in Hamilton......Ian Sunter's field goal to win the Grey Cup for Hamilton

'70 Stanley Cup....."The Goal" by Bobby Orr to win the Cup for the Boston Bruins over the St. Louis Blues 40 seconds into OT (Boston swept the series)

'76 Franz Klammer's downhill run for Gold (Austria) Innsbruck Olympics


'76 Cathy Priestner (cousin of former Tiger-Cat John Priestner), wins Silver in speedskating for Canada Innsbruck Olympics

'93 Joe carter hits home run off Mitch Williams to win the World Series for Toronto

'98 Paul Osbaldiston's last play 54 yard field goal to put the Tiger-Cats into the Grey Cup

Winning the London Jr. city football championship in grade 9 with me as a starting upback in the I formation and defensive back. My personal sports moment anyhow.

Being at my first Grey Cup game in 1992 in Toronto even if Toronto as a city didn't get behind that Grey Cup.

[url=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3989088954555698746]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 4555698746[/url] Champion's : Catch :thup:

As a participant it's the night I was walking out to the ice from the referee's room and a little girl who was on the novice team I coached but hadn't even seen for three years exclaimed, "Look Dad, it's my Coach!"

As a spectator most have already been mentioned. The one I'll go with is the first time I walked up to my newly acquired seasons seats in IWS and sat down...home.

Don Beebe hustling to strip the ball from a showboating Leon Lett at the 1 yard line in Superbowl 27:


super what?

  1. 1972 Paul Henderson's goal

  2. 1972 Ian Sunter's last second Grey Cup winning field goal.

  3. 1987 Gretzky to Lemieux Gold medal winning goal for Canada Cup at Copps Coliseum

  4. 2002 Olympic hockey Gold Medal game, Joe Sakic's goal

  5. 1986 Ben Johnson's Gold Medal sprint (9.79) at the Soeul olympics

  6. 1989 Grey Cup - Tony Champion's TD catch

  7. 1981 Gretzky scoring 50 goals in 39 games

8 ) 1997 Donovan Bailey whipping Michael Johnson in the 150m sprint

9 ) 1999 Joe Hagins 3rd down catch in playoffs to beat Montreal

  1. Joe Carter's World Series winning home run

Ray Bourque holding the Stanley Cup.

Dale Earnhardt winning the Daytona 500.

96 Grey Cup.

  1. Bobby Hull’s 51st goal in 1966

  2. Leafs fail to win Stanley Cup each year 1967 on -to date.

  3. My sons 1st T-Ball home run. (a few years back)