favorite players talk

Joe Barnes
Condredge Holloway
Jeff Boyd
Gilbert Renfroe
Gil Fenerty
Mat Dunigan
Tom Clements
Doug Flutie
Michael Bishop
Darnell Clash**********
Tank Landry
Joe Poplowski
Paul Pearson
Russ Jackson
Tony Gabriel

holy cow, didnt know all these guys were still playing in the cfl. go figure

My favorites are not currently playing, did not say they had to be playing today.

...test, which one of these players snuck into this list undetected until now?

...why I outta...

Although it is against the rules because he was a Rider, I want to bend them a little becuase he is retired. Without question my favorite player is Chris Szarka (I will argue that he was the best fullback in the league bar none).

Aside from that I would have to go with... man I am drawing a blank I just hate everyone that plays for another team... I have to wait until I watch the other games this week so I can see who I cheer for when the Riders aren't playing, I can only picture them playing against the Riders right now and I am blinded by jealousy when they play well during those games.

Although I do enjoy Corey Boyd Playing well, and I like to see Dave Stala make some catches.

I guess I was just going with the consensus, but yes, Chris is who I was talking about.