favorite players talk

just for the heck of it. what are your favorite players not on your team of choice.

For me, there are two representing two kinds of players

For the game breaker mr excitement type, its hamiltons earl winfield clone, williams.

For the mr dependable, gets the job done, doesnt make many mistakes, its torontos durie

Tiger Cats - Williams
Roughriders - Durant

Calvillo - He seems to be able to take it to a whole 'nother level when he needs to. You can never count the Als out of a game with him at the helm. And a great perspective on life as well.

Calvillo. (still a force and #1 in league passing thus far this season)

Dressler (little sparkplug)

Labatte (Mr. Dependable)

J. Johnson (wish he were part of Cats secondary..sigh..)

I love this recurring thread each year. Also I like its counterpart the jerk thread. Here goes for now:

Calvillo, Whitaker, the entire receiving corps except Deslauriers

Nik Lewis, Bo Levi Mitchell, Drew Tate

The defensive front seven, Burke Dales (no one likes punters but punters and kickers lol), Burnett, Weldon Brown, Stamps, Chambers, Koch

Lulay, Andrew Harris

Ray, Durie, Patrick Watkins

Chris Williams, Chevon Walker

Chris Matthews

I didnt exactly ask for you to name half the league, but thanks for playing anyhow :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Nik Lewis. Easily my favourite current player who never played for the Tiger-Cats.

Tough question, because literally the 3 non-Riders I liked are not only retired but are also on the Rider coaching staff this year :o :

Khari Jones - This dude was legit my favorite CFL player when he was having those couple ridiculous seasons even though he was a Blue Bomber.
Barron Miles - Miles was up there too. Just awesome.
Jason Tucker - Great receiver.

Alas, back to the question...

I really did not used to like this guy but in the last couple years he has grown on me... Nik Lewis. He plays with a ton of heart and clearly has fun playing the game.

Honourable mentions:
Korey Banks
Byron Parker

TJ Sherritt

BC: Korey Banks and Lin J Shell

Edmonton: JC Sherritt, Clint Kent, Damaso Munoz

Calgary: Charleston Hughes

Saskatchewan: Butler and Kromah

Winnipeg: Hefney

Hamilton: Markeith Knowlton

Toronto: Watkins and McCune

Montreal: Rod Davis

(defensive bias showing and acknowledged).

Do you not have a team of choice MJ?

what are your favorite players [b]not [/b]on your team of choice.

I like that JC Sherrit, excited to watch him for years to come.
SJ Green, Williams, Fantuz

oh my, good question...

big fan of Travis Lulay in B.C.

at this point, that's it.

…ever seen how many jerseys this dude owns? if the forum ever holds Mr. Non-Partisan of the Year he gets my vote…

...Geroy Simon, for both categories

I was expecting an Eskimo to be your fave player.

There was a solitary (brave) BC fan sitting in front of me who after Simon had a nice catch and run started asking everyone why he was the record holder. The answer was obvious, he is very very good. It was fun having that guy there, good sport, gave almost as good as he got.

BC- Simon
Edmonton- McCarty
Calgary- Cornish
Winnipeg- Hefney
Toronto- Boyd
Hamilton- Stala
Montreal- Cox

I'd love to have Heffney on the Riders.

And even though we have other weapons, I'd love to have Fantuz back.

I love watching both of these guys

Rey Williams, Chris Williams, Keron Williams, Julius Williams, Rod Williams, Seth Williams? You gotta be a little more specific with such a common name. :lol: I'm gonna guess it's Chris Williams.