Favorite NFL Team?

With the Lockout coming to an end I just wanted to ask a real simplistic question, what's your favorite NFL team and why?

I am a Seattle Seahawks fan because back when I was about 7 or 6 years old my Uncle game back from Seattle with one of those mini-football helmet and it was Seahawks and I followed them ever since, and to think he could of got a Falcons, Bears, Saints, or even Rams helmet and that probably would have been my favorite team today. That one helmet got me into the NFL and the Seahawks... What about you guys?

I'm a New York Jets fan; I been following the NFL since the age of seven but didn't have a clue which team to follow. it was always the team that was winning, however I mentioned this before and strange as it may seem; In 2001 when 9/11 went down I couldn't believe what I was seeing on T.V. let along what it was like for the people in NewYork.
Anyway that's my story.

Like many kids, when I was young I went with a winner, the Vikings that ended up in 4 SB's but never won one. But loved watching them play at the Met with the cold of the January winter and all of that. The Purple People Eaters. Ok, I'm showing my age must admit. :o

Here you go from off-season fodder as they are stupid not to re-sign The Great Bald One in my opinion:


Choose wisely. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good tales all.

Well I started out like every kid in the 1970s with the Dallas Cowboys.

Then I got trendy and liked the Steelers.

Then after the Steelers upset me enough after their fourth Super Bowl win, in 1983 I went with the Miami Dolphins because I thought Miami Vice was cool. 8) It was Dan Marino’s rookie season too.

The Indianapolis Colts came to Indianapolis overnight in 1984, and in April 1984 I was there on a day off during my spring break at the induction of the Hoosier Dome by our mayor. The Hoosier Dome, which was always its real name to any local and true Colts fan, was imploded in December 2008.

I stuck with my Dolphins because I changed around enough already I figured.

I went to the Colts games all over the course of two decades with my brother via some games in a season ticket package through my dad, and I even went to a camp with Colts players running it after school for a day once.

As a kid in the 1980s and in college in the 1990s, those were the days for many years before Peyton when the Colts hardly ever sold out.

By the end of the 2005 season, I was sick of being a Dolphins fan to watch them narrowly miss the playoffs or just suck in the playoffs they made barely, so I went with the Colts where I remain now.

My family still have access to those tickets to this day, but they are harder to come by you can imagine.

I can’t believe that my last NFL game attended was in 2006 against the Philadelphia Eagles in the year the Colts won the Super Bowl. :slight_smile:


My team is the Indianapolis Mannings. It should be obvious why. :lol: I think Peyton is the most intelligent QB in the game. My back-up team is the original Colts. I loosely follow the Giants. I hate Pittsburgh (mostly just Big Ben; I think he's greatly overrated), and New England (and Boston in general).

Mistake in the above post should read since the age of Eleven (not seven).
Leaving all aside; I also follow Mike Vick since he became pro.

LOL at all of you!!!

Go Eagles.

BOOOOOOOO! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

But hey I went through an Eagles phase too for my NFC team when living in Philadelphia until a year ago until I thought they screwed up to let McNabb go last season, and turned up wrong, three years after I thought they screwed up the first time after 2006 to get maximum trade value for him as Garcia outplayed him that year (with his Eagles ripped off by a terrible call with Katrina pity I suppose for the Saints in the playoffs for the 2006 season).

Last year I was ticked off when they dealt McNabb after he had another solid season, so as I left Philadelphia I had enough of the Eagles too.

So then there I was in Philadelphia for two of their seasons not able to make total sense of an otherwise solidly passionate bunch of fans but they were my favourite NFC team, but all the same I was able to confirm all the rumours that preceded my arrival that Philadelphia has indeed the worst bunch of fans and whack-jobs for all major professional sports.

That view goes well beyond the athletic venues mind you but I'll stick to sports here.

Philadelphia has more than its fair share of awful fans since they booed Santa Claus in 1968, as is also a true tale confirmed by former Governor of PA and Mayor of Philadelphia and always an Eagles fan, Ed Rendel.

Haha and Matt has passed his prime, I see him going to the Titans and the Seahawks signing either Kolb or someone else, maybe another USC reject in Matt Leinhart? But anyways as far as Hasselbeck is concenred one outstanding performance does not make up for a full season of mediocrity, 7-9 won't get it done this season, and if thats the best he can pull off then I dont want him starting under Center I like what he's done for Seattle in the past 10 seasons but its time to move on! Bring on Clipboard Jesus (Charlie Whitehurst) :rockin:

First and foremost...

I am really not a huge NFL fan. I don't live and die with any team.

That being said...

Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars & New Orleans Saints.


Lions: I am from Windsor Ontario... 5 minutes from Detroit. Seeing as there isn't a Canadian NFL team to cheer for Detroit becomes the defacto home team. They are also the only team that I have seen play in person. Also... I like their jerseys.

Jaguars: Because nobody else likes them. I cheer for underdogs.

Saints: After Katrina I was really impressed at how the team brought a down and out city to life. Their first game back in NO winning with a field goal was inspiring. Also... they have awesome jerseys.

Growing up in the 1980's I was a big fan John Elway fan. I really liked the Broncos because of him. I also hated the Raiders so it was nature to cheer for the Orange Crush. The Bills & Giants I liked as well. They were my 1 PM teams and the broncos were my 4 PM team.

In 2004 I became a Bills season ticket holder. I loved the atmosphere at Bills games and became friends with some of their fans. So over the past few years I would say the Bills are my team.

I still rout for the Broncos, but would now take the Bills over them.

...I've been a seahawks fan since '78

:thdn: :thdn: :rockin:

Wrong Thumbs!!!! lmao :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

You had it right actually. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :lol:

Wow who knew? There is more of the Seahawks nation on here than I had thought.

And so, what are your thoughts on the QB changes?

Will The Great Bald One be missed, or do you really like Tarvaris who could not get it done in Minnesota, or are you more a Clipboard Jesus kind of Seahawks fan?


...I used to have a little respect for you...

…and now it’s grown exponentially?.. :smiley:

…Tavaris will get the job done, Rice and him will connect plenty, and picking up TE Miller the other day was a bonus…

sea hawks. and occasionally the Giants.

most my firends bug me and call them the s#!t hawks. hurts my feelings.